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Liverpool go back to the top of the table after a 2-0 win against Cardiff City. I’m here to give you a rundown of some of the Things We Learned.

And Breathe…

My god, I don’t think I can take another three games!

It took a while but we finally got that opening goal that we were so desperately waiting for and it comes from a well-worked set piece with Gini Wijnaldum firing it into the back of the net. At first, I thought that Trent had scuffed the corner and it was going to be another opportunity wasted but it is actually a planned set piece and it paid off which I’m sure Jurgen will be happy with.

It was then either going to be a nervous 35 minutes of praying for the final whistle or hoping that we would get the next goal and of course James Milner steps up. It’s weird how life works, a huge blow with Fabinho going off due to a head injury and I hope he is okay but without that happening, Milner may not have been on the pitch to score so every cloud and all that.

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Magnificent Matip 

Gomez has got a battle on his hands because Matip looks like he does not want to give that CB place up. He has been superb since coming into the team and him and Van Dijk have really formed a solid partnership at the back that has helped us get to where we are and he deserved all the accolades.

Today he was first to everything, every header, every tackle and I was really hoping he would top it off with a goal at the other end but you can’t have everything ey.

We Can Take The Heat 

Not just in terms of the weather but also the pressure.

The Liverpool of two seasons ago may have crumbled at this stage of the season against this opposition but the Liverpool of today was able to play their own game and show everyone in the footballing world how much we want to win this campaign.

Man City go to Old Trafford needing three points and although Man United aren’t in the best of form, anything can happen on Derby day.

Bring On The Next One

Huddersfield Town up next for the Reds and we’re back at home.

Huddersfield should be an easy win for us considering how they have played this season and the fact that they are already relegated but we shouldn’t let that stop us from making it an important game. Every match is a cup final for us now and with a semi-final against Barcelona on the horizon, we need all the confidence we can get.

Up the Reds!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Article by @Lauren_Black9

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