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Paul and Chris are here to chat about the latest goings on surrounding Liverpool FC, including Tuesday’s draw with Bayern Munich and the upcoming visit to Old Trafford to face Manchester United.

REDMEN RADIO: #95: Castle Greyskull Awaits


  • Klopp wanted to sign Jadon Sancho
  • The Daily Mirror, citing a report in Portuguese paper Correio da Manha, claimed the Reds submitted the offer (for Joao Felix) but saw their efforts flatly rejected by the Portuguese giants.
  • Bild rated Robertson our worst player v Bayern.



  • Disappointment with a draw, a sign of how far we’ve come?

TOPIC 2: United

  • We never seem to be on a level pegging with United. Time to show why it’s our turn on top?
  • Which of their players would you take?


Don Heisenberg@SiyabongaYNWA You hop into a DeLorean and you must pick between going back into two times, either you go back to the 90’s and ensure United weren’t as successful as they were or you go to 2005 and have a rich Russian buy us and we win all the titles Chelsea won and they remain a small club.

Ryan Radaich What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

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