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Ross – @rossic89

What a weekend. What a weekend. What a weekend. What a weekend.

Two signings, possibly more on the way, United are still shite and we’ve just bossed Chelsea from start to finish. Doesn’t get much better than that does it!?

Liverpool controlled that game which made it more enjoyable and less tense than the Leeds game. After the red card it was just a formality more than anything else and it turned into a fucking training sesh. Thiago is class. Fabinho dominated at CB. Mané was sensational and this weekend has just been the best. Up the fucking reds.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 10

Big sexy bearded bastard. Had fuck all to do for large parts of that game and stepped up when it counted. Having absolutely none of that pathetic dummy, skip shite from Jorginho. Huge 3 points and an all important clean sheet. What a weekend.

Trent – 8

Back to his best there, wasn’t he? Bombing up and down the flank, consistent pressing and kept that foward relatively quiet. Can’t remember his name, Wonka or something. Wish he’d tucked one of those free kicks away like. Can’t complain though,  weekend has been pretty sound hasn’t it?

van Dijk  – 9

Sound. Less casual than he was last week which was always going to be a bonus. Chelsea rarely caused us problems today, partly due to this big Dutch wall. The pants would have come off if he scored at the end there! What a weekend.

Fabinho – 10

Better centre half than Harry Maguire. Beautiful long, legged Brazilian wonder. Love him. Possibly MOTM. Confident, assured and calm. That clean sheet is so important, even more so when you play a fucking midfielder in there. HAHAHAHA. What a weekend.

Robbo – 7.5

Little Duracell Bunny gave it the beans the whole game. An outlet for Mané, created loads of space and caused loads of issues. Love him lots.Crossing wasn’t the best but ah well,  what a weekend.

Hendo – 7

OH MY WORD, that assist for Sadio in the reverse camera is nothing short of porn. Came off at HT. What a weekend.



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Gini – 7.5

Our midfield dominated that game start to finish and always, Gini’s work often goes unnoticed but the quality in press from start to finish was sensational. Probably should have scored. Ah well. What a weekend.


So happy he started, that game had his name all over it. Someone to take the chances and risks to penetrate Chelsea’s back line and quite frankly, one of our best players in recent times. So unpredictable and dangerous. What a weekend.

Mané – 10

10. How can it be anything else? Two goals and a sublime performance. Excellent header for the first, got Christensen sent off and then didn’t give up for his second. Made Kepa look like a right dick. What a weekend.

Bobby – 7

Wasn’t heavily involved for large periods but that assist not only got me out my seat, it got me some fantasy points too. He’s the instigator for so many of our attacks and as we all know, he’s the fucking system. What a weekend.

Salah – 8

Basically just carried on from last week. He looks full of confidence, as he should. Could have bagged himself a goal and will probably feel disappointed he didn’t. Had the defence on toast. What a weekend.


Thiago – 8

Well, I don’t quite know what to say so I will just sum it up with my Tweet. What a weekend.

Milner – 7

Brought on to reassure the back line and inject that maturity to see out the three points and control the game so it didn’t get away. His importance cannot be under estimated.

Taki – N/A

Was on for less than five minutes. Fucking sound.

Ross – @rossic89

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