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Fucking sound that. Three more points and still top of the league. We were alway going to have a sticky period in that game. Despite having a load of kids you can’t deny Chelsea have quality in them. Especially N’Golo Kanté. I hope he’s not the new Hazard.

After playing well in midweek and losing it was important to get up and running again – patience, quality set pieces and VAR did the job.

Up the fucking reds.

VAR – 10

I mean, let’s be honest, we all hate the fucking thing. Not today though. All about that VAR me.

Adrian – 8

Right this is a big call but he might be the best number two we have ever had. Not the best number two I’ve ever had mind. Maybe another time. Chipped Tammy Abraham as if he wasn’t there, dominated his area and just settled my nerves. Big save in the first half too.

Trent – 7.5

Took a yellow for shithousery – fine by me. More importantly he placed that ball right in the top corner to give Kepa no chance and to put the reds 1-0 up.

Matip – 7

Hard to judge these days as his standard is so high and his consistency is impeccable. But Chelsea provide many attacking threats and I felt he dealt with them pretty well. Everyone backed off for the Kante goal though.

Virgil – 7.5

As above really. Head is like a tractor beam of the ball. Positions himself well and reads the play better than I can read a book.

Robbo – 7

Glad to see this man back on Twitter and back on the football pitch. Got himself an assist for Bobby and had to stuck to his defensive duties well today.

Fabinho – 7.5

He’s going to the difference for us this season. So easy on the eye at times, always looks to play on the front foot and never shy in the tackle. His range of passing continues to impress me too, makes him unpredictable.


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Gini – 6.5

Not a shite game by any standard, in fact Chelsea have quality all over their midfield so it’s hard to assert any dominance. That’s not Gini’s game though. Provided support to the back four and got forward when needed.

Henderson – 7

Mouthy little fucker again today wasn’t he. Love that. Full of energy and needle required to in these types of games from start to finish.

Bobby – 7.5

This is Bobby’s world and we are all living in it. Hold up play can be underrated at times and he provides that as well correct decision making. Must be like the fucking matrix in his head.

Salah – 7

Persistent throughout and he had abar 78 people marking him. They know how good he can be. Not his best performance by any stretch of the imagination but still a good run out for Mo.

Mane – 7

So elegant on the ball but it was his defensive work stuck out for me today. He tracked back to support Robbo on a number occasions and often broke up play. Surprised he was taken off tbh.


Milner – 6

Injection of pace and energy and a little bit of shithousery which we needed going into the final stages of the game. I say all that, I mean game management.

Lallana – N/A 

Only on for a few minutes.

Gomez – N/A 

Only on for a few minutes.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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