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Paul and Chris are here with this week’s Podcast, and the main topic of conversation is the apparent meltdown of Liverpool fans after The Reds drew against West Ham, keeping them 3 points clear at the Premier League.



KICK OFF: Natural Red‏ @Natural_Red_LFC
If you had to pick one liverpool player to be the best man at your wedding. Who would it be and why??

Oxlade Added to Champions League squad,
Ince compares VVD impact to United signing Cantona
Reds Linked with £60m bid for Lorenzo Insigne
Sami Hyypia signs up for the Liverpool v Milan legends game

TOPIC 1: West Ham
Title not bottled, but it will be if we don’t regain form.
Our squad is fine, but it’s stretched very, very thin at the moment.
Hoping that set piece issues are short lived.
Lallana showed his value to the squad

TOPIC 2: Bournemouth
City will probably be top because Everton are shit.
A stressful two weeks until we play our game in hand (United on 24th)
Bournemouth a decent team to have come to Anfield.

Conrad Cowan‏ @Lewandowski1996
Did returning from warm weather in Dubai, cause all these illnesses in the squad, and if so, should the manager be accountable for this?

ThatLadNaby‏ @GuineanKeita8
Is twitter worth keeping, with so much negativity on it? Genuine question

Jason Mundkur‏ @JasonMundkur
Do you consider it fair for older fans to get annoyed at younger fans for not being “patient” enough when they’ve never seen the team lift silverware?

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