Everton 1-4 Liverpool | Player Ratings | Hendo & Salah Superb!

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Well, well. Here we are again. Another game, another win. 

Some standout performances there. Hendo and Mo were excellent tonight but, as cliche as it sounds, I’m made up for the team. I’m made up we’ve come out of there with 3 points, no injuries and once again my only ‘gripe’ is that we should have scored more. Not a bad place to be, right?

The game should have been done after ten minutes but we’re showing that same intent of blowing teams away as soon as we can. Going for the kill, putting any hope the opponent might have on its rightful arse. 

We did give Everton a bit of hope to be fair. And then showed them the difference in class. 

All in all, a very good night for Liverpool. 

Merry Christmas, Everton. 

Alisson  – 8

Little but unlucky with the goal there and in truth, he didn’t really have that much to do. Maybe kicked a few more bottles than balls in the end. 

Trent – 8

Bombed up and down the flank, provided dangerous balls into the box, around corners and into the channels. Was a nightmare for Everton to deal with. Unlucky to not come away with an assist tonight but wouldn’t hold it against him.

Van Dijk – 8

HAHHAHAHAHAHAA have no idea what he was doing taking that free kick. Who’s arsed though, Everton are Sh*te. 

Matip – 8

Goes about his business quietly for me, almost makes difficult things look loads easier than they are. His positioning is exceptional at times. Yes, it might have been a little easier compared to other forward lines he has faced but he can only play what’s in front of him. Wish he was better in front of goal though! 

Robbo – 9

Two assists for Robbo tonight, again, I’ll stress the point, who thought he just needed a big rest to give himself a chance to recover and get back to his best? Flying up and down the wing, lashing crosses in for a laugh, linking well with Sadio and like the Robbo we all love.

Fabinho – 7

Constantly putting out fires; a leg in here, a toe in there, putting Liverpool onto the counter attack. Will go underrated tonight but it was a tough, physical challenge all over the park and pretty end to end for large parts.

Thiago – 7

I live for the day this man gives away a free kick and his face isn’t covered in complete shock. Could have had another screamer of a goal there if van dijk hadn’t tried to block him! 


Hendo – 10

What a finish that is with his weak foot. Even if Pickford had proper arms I don’t think he saves that. He was persistent, he was everywhere, he was creative, he was driven, he was class. AND he got himself another assist. 

Salah – 10

Should be giving him 11 really but I can’t because he didn’t get two goals earlier in the game. Unreal again from him again; the pace, the strength and composure for both goals and to slot it past T-Rex with no doubt at all. Sensational.

Mane – 7

Crucial in the build up for the first goal and once again, you can’t fault the lads effort. However, I do think it’s fair to say he didn’t have some great touches during that game and that he was unlucky in other moments. That’s not digging him out. Just what I saw. 

Jota – 8

HAHAHAHA sent Allan home with the fans there and then lashed it into the back of the net. Excellent in the first half and a little quieter in the second before his goal.


Ox – N/A

Only played 15.

Milner – N/A

Ten minutes.

Taki – N/A

Only played two mins.


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