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What the bloody hell was that?

VAR Nightmare 

Let’s get the obvious out the way first. VAR and the officials involved in today’s match have a lot of explaining to do after what we have all just witnessed there. Firstly, Jordan Pickford should not have played 90 minutes of football today after such a dangerous tackle on Virgil Van Dijk, regardless of Van Dijk being offside it’s a disgraceful challenge and should not have been forgotten about.

I would like a good explanation from the VAR team regarding Jordan Henderson’s disallowed goal. There is no way that Sadio Mane is offside, us at home watching it and those in the studio can’t see anyone offside so those in the VAR room must have been watching something completely different. Everton fans will be celebrating that draw like a win after those final moments but I’d like to think that a set few of them who care about football as a whole would agree that the goal should have stood.

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Best Goodison Derby For A While 

Despite the poor officiating I do have to say that today’s game was one of the best Goodison Derby matches that have happened for a while. There’s no denying that Everton has improved immensely since last season and are playing well this season and the same goes for us. Both teams had plenty of the ball and a decent amount of chances, Dominic Calvert-Lewin is playing exceptionally well and is experiencing the best form of his career so far, his header was well-timed and our defender didn’t put him under any type of pressure, and it’s a great equaliser for them in the 80th minute.

Mane’s opening goal was a brilliantly worked team goal that had a bit of everything, great passing, intensity and then a good finish. It was the perfect start but it may have come a bit too early for us and Everton enjoyed a good spell in the first half which leads to their equalising goal from Michael Kean.

Mo Salah wasn’t at his best today I don’t think and should have done better with his two first half chances. He didn’t let that stop him and scored a brilliant volleyed goal to take his total to 100 goals for Liverpool in 159 games.

Our midfield did alright today too. Fabinho is always a plus in the CDM role and it was nice to have both Henderson and Thiago back in the team. Henderson has been missed and he played well today and thoroughly deserved to have his goal at the end. Just a shame that VAR doesn’t know what they’re doing. Thiago can make a 5-yard pass look sensational so.

Champions League Returns

Big game against Ajax on Wednesday night in the Champions League, it’s a shame that thousands of Scousers can’t travel to Amsterdam but I’m sure it will be a good game between two great sides.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Lauren – @Lauren_Black9

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