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Ross – @rossic89

Another Merseyside Derby, another draw. This one though had a bit of everything and by everything I mean fucking stupid refereeing decisions. How on earth that wasn’t a red card I’ll never know. How that was offside, I’ll never know.

Concerns for van Dijk and his legs and how we work without him, slight concerns at conceding another goals but amongst all of that, plenty of positives. Our midfield was exceptional today, Joel Matip was excellent and Mane was on fire. Robbo and Trent going forward were superb and Salah has the ability to produce something from nothing.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Adrian – 6

Could have been stronger for the first goal, not sure he could have done anything for the second. Maybe he could. Didn’t have that much to do other than that.

Trent – 7

Was having a really good game for me and let himself down for the second goal, not completely at fault but could have done better. Provides that extra body going forward and links up well with Hendo and Salah.

Matip – 7.5

Unlucky not to have a goal to his name otherwise he’d have a higher score. Considering the lack of game time he’s had, I thought he was superb. Dominant in the air,

Van Dijk – N/A

Played less than ten minutes after the with short arms tried to make sure Virgil had short legs by cutting them off. Absolutely wild challenge and had he made more of that T-rex may have seen red. Hopefully van Dijk is ok.

Robbo – 7.5

Gets an assist for the first goal due to persistence and hard work. Much like Trent he was exceptional going forward and caused all sorts of issues throughout the game. Not sure if he could have done better to protect Gomez or prevent the second goal and could be considered lucky to escape a booking at least.

Fabinho – 9

Thought Fabinho was immense today, so dominant, aggressive and yet composed in carrying out his job. He won 9/9 ground duels which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about his game. Everton tried to play through the middle, Fabinho wasn’t fucking having it.



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Thiago – 9

Pretty confident that man could find me a relationship with a pass he’s that good. Awareness, vision and reading of the game nothing short of some Matrix style shit. Truly a joy to watch and fortunate to be on the pitch after a horror challenge from Richarlison.

Henderson – 9

I went fucking mental at the end there. You know, for the onside goal that was offside. Loads of new rules today, hard to keep up. Hendo showed exactly what we missed, he’s so tenacious in everything he does, dictates play organises and brings other into the game.

Mane – 9

Sadio was on it today! Unpredictable and unplayable at times, caused all sorts of issues, Everton just couldn’t cope with him. Tremendous finish for his first and he should have had a carbon copy later in the game. Also, he was never offside.

Salah – 8

WHAT. A. FINISH. Hardly had a sniff in that game and he’s just gone full “‘ave it” mode and lashed it into the bottom corner. That’s exactly why he is world class, that’s why he has reached 100 goals for this club. Had other chances, probably easier ones but didn’t connect anything like that one.

Firmino – 7

Can’t work out if he looks shattered, low on confidence or his game has changed slightly. Defending, pressing and link up play all spot on as per but I found him quiet at times today. Was in full flow in the first half when we were playing some sublime football, picked up spaces in gaps and kept the attacks going.


Gomez – 7

Jota N/A

Wasn’t on long. Had a decent chance but Mane nodded it on, may have been saved anyway.

Gini – N/A

Wasn’t on long.

Ross – @rossic89

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