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Well it’s hardly a surprise. A petition has been started by a fan to Tony Barrett, formerly of The Liverpool Echo to remove Michael Owen as his role of club ambassador. Tony has recently started a new role in which he is keen to engage with the Liverpool fans.
As Liverpool’s Head of Club and Supporter Liaison Barrett will gather feedback from Liverpool fans in order to improve relationships as well as move the club forward in the right direction based on thoughts of those fans. New forums will be created so this can be done.
An outcome of this so far has been the petition created to remove Michael Owen from his role as club ambassador. Owen didn’t really leave on the best of terms as he ran down his contract before moving to Real Madrid on the cheap.
The worst was yet to come from Owen as he moved to bitter rivals Manchester United. As we all know, that never goes well amongst the fans. To rub salt into the wounds Owen often refers to Manchester United as ‘We’ when standing in as a pundit on BT sport.
You can’t play for Liverpool, move to United, become an ambassador for Liverpool and then decide you support United again. If he sat anymore on the fence he’d have splinters on his arse. Pick a team Michael.
In all honesty for the majority of Liverpool fans it was a surprise he was employed in the first place having already played for United.
The statement from the petition reads as the following:
Michael Owen has been a disgrace towards his position as Liverpool’s International Ambassador and he must be stripped from the position immediately. Whoever decided to make him ambassador should also take a look at themselves. Michael Owen openly supports rivals and shows zero respect to Liverpool, until it suits him. On Wednesday night during the Europa League final, live on BT Sport, Michael Owen referred to Man Utd as “We”. As Liverpool ambassador Liverpool supporters did not take this well and that was the final straw. The club and supporters deserve someone who will give 100% to the club and the only “we” should be when referring to the club paying you.
If you would like to sign the petition, please do so.
Leave your thoughts and comments in the box below.
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