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What a weekend that was! Liverpool fans around the world will have thumbs made of absolute steel having spent hours and hours refreshing Twitter!

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the situation. Having spent a large amount of last week and probably the week before studying Nabil Fekir I was initially gutted to find out the plug had been pulled on the deal. And obviously because we’ve potentially missed out a on quality player. There’s no denying his ability.

There’s still some doubt as to what actually happened with both parties seemingly not willing to let their guard down. Jean Michel Aulas it turns out, is a bit of a bellend. But a business bellend. As much as he’s annoyed us over the past few days, he’s ultimately just doing his job. Posturing to the media, swinging his balls about and thinking he’s the absolute don are all tactics he’s used before.

Maybe not to that extent, but we’ve done something similar with Coutinho. Guard up, no means no. And then we sold him. Fekir is their star player after all and is very highly regarded by journalists not just in England but in France too.

Part of me feels for Fekir, allegedly the lad picked his shirt number, conducted interviews and had a photo shoot in his kit. His head must be up his arse. Having said that Paul rightly pointed out he’s earning a load of money for his boyhood club and he’s off to the World Cup. I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

And then there’s Edwards and co. Earlier in the week he was being praised to high heaven, some claiming we should build a statue for the guy! Since the Keita, van Dijk and Fabinho transfers Liverpool fans have been smiling ear to ear. But they’ve taken a decision not to gamble a shit load of money on Fekir and people lose their heads? I just don’t understand it.

YES Fekir is an upgrade on what we have already, YES he’s a boss player and YES at around â?¬60m Euro’s he would have been a bargain. But he’s had a serious injury, which is fine in the short term, many choosing the argument that he played over 30 games for Lyon last season. My understanding is that Liverpool were not happy with the reconstruction of injury, meaning it could deteriorate over a longer period. Which from a business perspective makes no sense for Liverpool. Why invest all that money for someone that will have little if any resale value. Or if we get three seasons down the line and he’s fucked. We don’t need Sturridge 2.0. IF they tired to negotiate and get him for less I completely understand.

Imagine the fume if we bought Lanzini, he’s just done in his ACL!

We’ve pulled some transfers and players out the bag of recent times, I’ve mentioned a few at the top of the article but even the likes of Andy Robertson and Chamberlain have been magnificent acquisitions. I’ve no doubt we have this in hand.

And finally, a reminder that the window has only just opened. There’s still time to renegotiate with Lyon if thats what the club wants OR we go and get someone else. He won’t have been the only player we wanted. The downside being the next player we do go for will be fully aware they are second choice. Nobody likes being sloppy seconds…..I know.

I’d be interested to know who you think we could realistically go out and get instead of Fekir? There’s a range of players we have been linked with so far but some of which i’m not so sure we could get. Dybala is a prime example,  the Edwards statue wouldn’t be the only thing being erected if that happened.

As fans we love a transfer, but its not the be all and end all of supporting the club. He never was our player so lets all move on.

Anyway, if you have other thoughts on the situation get them in the comments below.



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