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ROBERTO FIRMINO CLEARED OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Following a complaint by Mason Holgate after the FA Cup tie between Liverpool and Everton on the 5th of January the FA have cleared Roberto Firmino of alleged discriminatory conduct saying they will not be taking disciplinary action against the in-form Brazilian maestro. Phew. Seriously though, what the hell would we have done without him for any length of time? I mean, I like Ings and I reckon Solanke will be boss but the prospect of going into a run of games without the man who makes our attack tick is frightening isn’t it? Got to admit though??? this charge Holgate stuff is nonsense. By all means, something should have happened about him endangering Bobby with the push over the hoardings but it hasn’t. Lets move on. Everton are nothing to us so lets just forget about them until we get to beat them again.     BAYERN WANT SALAH Well, to be frank??? who doesn’t. He’s the best player in the league and he loves a chip butty. If you want Mo then ya better get a decent chippy and a gym he can box in. Fed up of these rumours already. Not gonna think about it.     CAN TALKS ON HOLD Sound, ta. Ok??? for a bit more detail??? Can and his representatives are being diplomatic about it and not gonna say anything until Liverpool either win or get knocked out of the Champion’s League. This will drag on, no doubt.     WILSON INJURED WHILE OUT ON LOAN Not working out too well for our lads on loan is it? First Sturridge???.now Wilson. The poor lad has injured his shoulder whilst playing for Hull against Chelsea last week and is gonna miss about a month of footy.     Article by Chris Pajak For more Redmen TV content including podcasts, subscriber exclusives and three new shows every week subscribe now and get your first month for FREE
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