Football Without Fans is… Something? | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Football Without Fans is… Something? | The Redmen TV Podcast

Chris, Tom, Errol and Jack are here with this week’s Podcast, where we discuss the return of football in Germany, the best front 3 in Premier League history and what would a ‘The Last Dance’ style documentary about Liverpool look like in the future.


Warm Up Question: Callum Buck You have to start for Liverpool in the champions league final and play the full 90 minutes with your real life football ability. However your allowed to change one rule of the game to give yourself an advantage over the pros and level the playing fields. What’s your rule?

Chris – Project Restart

Jack –  Thoughts on games behind closed doors

Tom – Been watching ‘The Last Dance’ on the Bulls and Michael Jordan. I can’t wait for a Liverpool doc on the Klopp era. Who will be the focal players of the doc for you guys?

Errol –  Best front 3 in the Prem Era 

Srijith Sreenivasan – Which moment in your football watching life did you celebrate the most in or that standout for you? The ones that do for me was the late Origi winner vs the Ev, Mane’s CL final goal againat Real Madrid and the two minutes between Murray and Aguero goals on the final day last year where I thought we might win the league

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