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Thank bloody fuck for that…. Alisson – 7 Wasn’t really at fault for the goal was he. Kudos, his head never went and he still kept passing out from the back. I make that 873 pairs of boxer shorts he owes me now. More skid marks than the Grand Prix this morning. Ok, he was a little at fault. But I can’t be angry at him. Trent – 7 Some of his crossing was spot on. Some of it was shocking. One nearly ended up in the Thames. Babel did him a few times too, bit embarrassing getting done by someone in their thirties dying their hair in a mid-life crisis, Matip – 7 Thought Joel was decent again but fuck me, when will he learn to attack a ball in the air? He’s like a shuttlecock. Few more mazy runs, decent passes. Just fine really. Virgil – 7 Club legend. Got bored, wanted to make the game interesting so just gave them a goal. Treated Fulham like an inconvenience. Mitrovic hardly got a sniff. Calm passing again (besides the goal), lovely sprayed 60,70 yard balls. Like Alisson, never lost his head. Robbo – 7.5 Similar to Trent, Robbo was always an option down the flank. Loads of overlaps, loads of crosses and some intelligent play. Gini – 8 8 might seem high but Gini did the dirty work yet again. Should have had a pen too. I was surprised he started as he’s been blowing smoke out his arse for the past few games but fair fucks to the fella. He does the business. Fabinho – 7 He’s one of the first names on the team sheet for me, but I wish he’d calm the fuck down sometimes. He’d just been booked and he was still throwing himself about. A trait I normally like, but not in a game where my arse had already pulsed faster than a child’s heart after a pack of smarties.

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Lallana – 8.5 Potential MOTM again for me. Led the press, one of his key attributes. Could Cruyff turn his way out of Houdini’s lock box if he wanted. Magician. Salah – 7 I don’t think Mo was shit. Not by a long shot. But he did get on my tits a little. I get he wants 50 goals, I really do, maybe he is just after a bit of confidence but it wouldn’t kill him to pass every now and then. Part of me likes the selfishness, shows he is hungry, shows he wants this team to fucking win. He is just saving it for Spurs. Also he made a spectacular run to stop a Fulham counter. Mane – 8.5 The other MOTM contender for me. Superb in the build up play for his goal and was a threat the whole game, had some hard luck, hit the bar but ultimately he won the pen that won the game. What was the ‘keeper supposed to do in fairness? If he didn’t foul him Mané would have just done some mad shit and scored anyway. Pick your poison. Bobby – 8 I love Bobby, he is so important to how we play. He might not have scored today but the way he defends, supports the play and how he links with Mané and Mo on a consistent basis is why he one of my favourite players. That and he put his collar up in the second half.   Thought Origi was sound again and Milner had the balls to stick the ball down the middle for the pen.   Up the fucking top of the league reds. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally! Ross – @rossic89
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