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Well what a night that was. I don’t want to brag but I will. We’ve done a live show in Liverpool tonight and I’ve had Alan ‘Barney Rubble’ Kennedy right in front of me the whole time watching the game with us. And what a joy it was. Nerves put to bed pretty early on with Chambo putting one away! Then topped it off with a sublime finish for his second.

Alisson – 7.5

Sound. Just Sound. Happy to have him back in the side and he made a huge save in the first half to deny Genk. Distribution was spot on, always on the front foot, always looking to get us attacking ASAP. Unlucky for the goal tbf.

Milner – 7

Put this lad anywhere and he can play. Was right wing most of the first half but was an issue defensively at times. Not shy of a tackle, but that is something we already knew. Second half he got moved to left back. Man was everywhere.

Lovren  – 6.5

4th choice centre half? Fine by me. Samata and Onuachu caused a few problems, particularly in the first half. Took an elbow in the back to get their goal disallowed. Hero. Oh Genk have scored. Clean sheets are shit anyway.

van Dijk – 8

Copy and paste all the usual stuff, yeah? Genk did get in behind a few times but he tractor beam of a head got rid of most of it. He reads the game so well, he makes it look so easy. Unreal.

Robbo – 7

Great going forward, bit absent at the back. Possibly to do with a change in midfield, not the usual protection he gets from a Hendo or Gini. Blowing smoke out his arse by the end of it. A much needed rest. Also my mate Alan Kennedy gave him a 7. So.

Fabinho – 8

Top performance from the birthday boy. Sets up Ox for the first goal and he’s instrumental in breaking down several counter attacks with his go-go-gadget legs! Dominant display from the general.


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Baby Keith – 7

Back in for the first time in months, how’s his first touch? Off the back, casual Keita there. Kept probing, took his time on the ball which is something we have lacked in recent games.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 9

Ohh he can hit one!!! Actually he can hit two! Any way you like. Not content with letting Bobby have the filthiest move of the match he only went and topped it off with an outside of the boot finish. Out on Pornhub later. Apparently.

Bobby – 7

Fuck me. Just imagine if Mané put that away. Assist of the century and the wank bank sorted for the next few months. Quiet for large parts of the game. Usual good link up play and hard graft. Replaced late on, get some rest for Spurs lad!

Salah – 7.5

Thought he was poor if I’m being honest. Sound making runs in behind and causing issues and was hard lines at times but he was pretty sloppy otherwise in the first half. Grew into the game later on and got an assist and a goal!

Mane – 8

A goal and an assist for Sadio too! And with Salah. Can we please put all this fall out shit behind us now? Well not us, just every other team and media outlet looking to cause shit.


Gomez – 6

Got caught up by the goal as did a few others. Having said that he got some vital minutes under his belt. We are entering a period where we need our squad as much a possible.

Gini – 6

Just over 15 minutes for Gini, again vital minutes needed and he could have scored!

Divock – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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