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Still high from the euphoric win against Burnley and still trying to register that Lovren assist and Klavan goal I felt it was necessary to highlight and praise Liverpool’s results over the New Year period. Playing two games in the space of 48 hours is ridiculous, unfortunately media dictates the rules these days and we don’t really have a choice.   Former Premier League champions Leicester visited Anfield on New Year’s Eve???eve. And they proved to be stubborn opponents and quite frankly shit houses. As frustrating as it is, it’s a tactic adopted by many when facing Liverpool. Teams have very little option but to break up play and slow down any build-up developing in a Reds shirt. It has been not only a feature in these games but an issue for Liverpool as time and time again we have been unable to break these teams down. You can list countless games against low block sides where Liverpool have had the majority of possession and on average about 3535 shots in a single game but still failed to come out with three points.   The game against Leicester was becoming one of them. Add to that the fact Liverpool very rarely score late on in games you can’t blame fans for thinking history was repeating itself. Step up Mo Salah. Criticised by some for not always taking his chances you always have the hope he can create something out of nothing. And he did just that, somehow managing to round Harry Magiure and his massive head, Mo secured three points.   Salah will get the plaudits but the improvement in Liverpool’s desire and mind-set has been more impressive for me. Often accused of being too soft or nice it’s nice to see us adopting some of those shithouse tactics for a change. And I don’t mean throwing arms around like Ashley Young and being a meff in general.   The time wasting, the ???professional fouls’ and slowing the game down when opponents are chasing the game. We weren’t doing that a few months ago and it cost us. Joe Gomez did it against Burnley, we lost possession and he more or less threw a player to the ground to concede a free kick on the half way line. Trent let his man get the better of him and clattered into him. Good. More of that please.   And that’s why the Leicester and Burnley games show sign of improvement for me. We just need to continue to do it on a regular basis when the situation arises. Pair it with the never say die attitude of Klopp and his players and we will continue to grind out results and break down these sides.   Liverpool could have resigned themselves to a draw against both sides, heads could have dropped but they fought physically and mentally to get much needed results. You can see the team spirit and emotion that over flowed during both fixtures, whilst it’s not good for the old ticker getting these results from these performances will ultimately help us achieve a Champions League spot for a second successive season.   It will also give tremendous belief and confidence to the players knowing they’ve done it before so they can do it again.     For more Redmen TV content including podcasts, subscriber exclusives and three new shows every week subscribe now and get your first month for FREE
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