Guillem Balagué Exclusive: “Xabi Alonso Wants To Be Liverpool Manager”

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By Leah Bower

The Jürgen Klopp era is edging nearer to its end with millions dreading his departure. Many felt the blow would be softened by appointing the likes of a Liverpool Legend in Jürgen’s absence, someone currently guiding a team to a historic league win on the continent.

However, in the last few days, fan’s first choice, Xabi Alonso, has made his intentions clear as he is set to remain as Bayer Leverkusen Manager at the end of this season as his side sit 13 points clear at the top of the Bundesliga.

Spanish Journalist, Guillem Balagué, believes this isn’t the end of the story between Xabi and Liverpool, saying that Alonso will eventually manage the Reds.


Dan spoke to Guillem about Alonso’s decisions and his managerial future in our recent Expert Insight.

On Xabi’s decision, Guillem said: “I was shocked when I heard [that Xabi would be staying].

“I wondered what had happened, and what had happened was that my story, like other stories, put more pressure on the whole situation, [Bayer Leverkusen] needed to get everybody focused. This forced Xabi’s hand.

“He said that he had spoken to Bayer Leverkusen, he knew what Bayer Leverkusen wanted. Liverpool and Bayern Munich had put forward their intentions, he wanted to maybe test himself and his team in how they responded to the very, very important games and then make a decision.

“I felt like they all said it’s time to decide now. Even if he may have had in the back of his mind that the next step was to stay at Bayer Leverkusen, they decided ‘Let’s announce it now. Let’s take the pressure off everyone and allow the noise to disappear.’”

On Xabi’s future: “He still thinks that if it goes well at Bayer Leverkusen, and it’s gone amazingly, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Liverpool will be the next steps.

“He’s 42 so I think he is going to be at the three [clubs].

“It doesn’t compare to other top players, I’m thinking of English ones, who want to jump straight to the top without perhaps doing the learning that Xabi is doing. I believe more in the Xabi way.”

On the links to Liverpool: “I remember talking to Xabi when he started getting the coaching badges about becoming the manager of Liverpool, asking will it be Stevie G or him first? He said, “The logical step is Stevie goes first”.

“But, of course, he said he “wants to be Liverpool Manager”.

“It will happen, of course he will [be]. If he was Stevie G, he would have gone to Liverpool.

“When he comes to Liverpool, which will happen, he will be a better manager.”

On when Xabi could leave his club: “2026 seems about right for him to stay there until. That’s when Ancelotti finishes his control over Real Madrid, we’d have had two years of the new manager of Liverpool, post-Klopp – not easy, and then, of course, let’s say Bayern Munich have sorted things out because if [Xabi] keeps improving with Bayer Leverkusen and wins titles, it will certainly be a temptation for Bayern Munich to try and keep convincing him.

“I believe these are the targets, but the timing of it is his own.”

Liverpool MUST consider Julian Nagelsmann to replace Klopp – Bundesliga Commentator Kevin Hatchard

Redmen Reacts

Whilst there was obvious disappointment on the back of Alonso’s decision to stay at Bayer Leverkusen next season, from a personal standpoint it’s hard to begrudge the Spaniard an opportunity to finish the job he’s started in Germany. 

However, whether the timelines align again is up for debate, albeit given his current trajectory, it appears almost certain that the Reds will remain interested in acquiring the former midfielder in years to come. 

For the meantime, the Anfield hierarchy must cast their glances elsewhere with the likes of Ruben Amorim, Julian Nagelsmann and others in contention. 


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