How Do We Feel About Liverpool’s Season So Far? | The Redmen TV Podcast

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How Do We Feel About Liverpool’s Season So Far? | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Ross, Adam and Jay are here with this week’s podcast, where we take a look at Liverpool’s season so far and ask whether it has been a success. How would you rate the season so far?



If due to some error we were forced to move to a new stadium for a year (spurs esque) but could teleport any stadium to Stanley Park for a season which one are you picking?

Matty Intern

You have to pick one to play every game this season  Kyriacos, Poulsen or David N’gog?


Andrew JB @AndyJB_8

You wake up tomorrow and Fiorentino Perez’s latest idea to make the dying entity of football appeal to younger audiences is that every team has to replace one starter with an animal. For the Reds’ game with Arsenal, what animal are you fielding? And whose place is it taking?




  • Which player not named Mo Salah has impressed you the most?
  • Anyone you feel has underperformed? 
  • Feels like there’s a lot of split opinion so far after Brighton draw & WHU loss. Do you think, right now, Liverpool will win the title?


  • As it stands, Stevie G is the favourite to take over at Aston Villa.
  • How would you feel if Gerrard manages another PL club?
  • Good in terms of getting him ready to one day manage Liverpool but going against him as an opponent will be weird.
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