How To Get Redmen Plus Podcasts Into YOUR Podcast Player!

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Hello Redmen Plus Subscriber!

Do you want to listen to our amazing Redmen Plus content in podcast form on the go?

Well you can and it’s quick and easy.

You have the ability to either stream our shows as podcasts directly from the website or you get them sent directly to your native podcast app.

Subscriber podcasts are available to our Captain and Legend subscribers.


If you want to listen to a podcast directly from the website, simply open the show up and click the play button!


For those who want their shows to automatically download into an app, here’s a step-by-step guide for those that use Podcast Addict and Apple Podcasts.

Plenty of other apps will work in a similar way, but you need to be able enter your Redmen TV username and password into them, otherwise you will not be able to access the podcasts. 

Pretty much any app that can take an RSS feed and allow you to enter a username and password should work but if your usual podcast app doesn’t support these features, then you should consider downloading either Podcast Addict or Apple Podcasts as we know for certain that they work.

NOTE: If you are a former subscriber who has returned to subscribe again, make sure you have unfollowed the Exclusive podcast feed on your chosen app before completing the following instructions.

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict: Podcast player - Apps on Google Play

  1. Click the + sign in the top right hand corner
  2.  Click RSS feed…..
  3. Enter into the URL feed.
  • Click Private feed
  • Click Authentication – this will then allow you to enter your Redmen Plus USERNAME & PASSWORD before clicking ok..
  • The podcasts should now appear in your feed and will update every time you open the app.

Now you are ready to go!! Enjoy!

Apple Podcasts 

File:Podcasts (iOS).svg - Wikipedia

Same rules apply here, it’s really simple..

  1. Open ‘PODCASTS’, obviously….
  2. Go to LIBRARY.
  3. Click FOLLOW A SHOW BY URL, you can access this via the … in the top, right corner.
  4. PODCASTS will then ask you to enter the URL, which is –
  5.  (I advise that you type this into the box, not copy & paste it as Apple sometimes messes up when you copy & paste)
  6. You will then be required to enter your Redmen Plus USERNAME and PASSWORD
  7. The podcasts should now appear in your feed!


If you have any issues or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, i[email protected] and we will assist you as soon as possible!

If you are still struggling to get your head round how it works, here’s a video with Ste explaining all of the above!

Thanks for subscribing, we hope you enjoy the brilliant content that we continue to produce on Redmen Plus!

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