‘I got sent some really bad stuff’ – Liverpool coach on the social media abuse he received

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Liverpool’s Head of Goalkeeping John Achterberg has spoken to us about the pitfalls of social media and how he and his colleague have been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty messages throughout the years.
During Part Two of our exclusive interview ‘In Conversation With John Achterberg’ – which is now streaming live HERE, the current Reds’ Head of Goalkeeping told Paul Machin how he, and first-team physiotherapist Chris Morgan have been targeted in the past.
Speaking about social media, Achterberg said:

“You get a lot of negativity and Chris Morgan got a bit of that recently as well and I can tell you, he is really good physio, he knows his stuff. [People] can blame things on someone and that is not right if you don’t know what goes into it and how people do things. I’ve been in that situation so I said to Chris ‘stay calm, you know people are like this and it’s part of your job if you’re in a big club’.”

You have to deal with social media whether you’re on it or not on you’re not. I do it a little bit on there but I only think in a positive way and I said to Chris ‘I got sent some really bad stuff, don’t worry about it, you have to deal with it.’ People write these kinds of things and you have to deal with it and that’s part of being at a big club with 400 million supporters. [That means there’s] 400 million different opinions but you have to stay cool and make the right solutions and the right decisions in your job.”

Redmen Reacts

It says a lot about modern society that a coach has to accept that social media abuse is part of his day job when it really shouldn’t be. Criticism is fine in football but the abuse absolutely is not, especially, as John says, when people are making assumptions about what’s happening behind the scenes when they have absolutely no idea about what’s going on.

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