“I spoke to a few sources around Liverpool” – Neil Jones discusses Liverpool interest in winger

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A few stories have emerged in the last few days, with reports suggesting that Liverpool made an attempt to sign Italian international Federico Chiesa in the summer.
As we always do when any big stories about Liverpool come out, we brought Goal’s Liverpool correspondent Neil Jones in for our Journo Insight Extra show and asked him about what he knew, if anything, about the stories linking The Reds with Chiesa.

He said:
“Liverpool were never going to buy him in the summer, he’s on loan, he’s still on loan at Juventus. He’s [pretty much] a Juventus player because there’s a deal set up, there was no real scope for anyone to buy him in the summer. He obviously performed brilliantly at the Euros, I thought he was one of the stars of the tournament but as I think I said [on a previous edition of the show], you can look at certain players and say ‘Yeah, he’s a Liverpool player, if you sign him, I can see how he plugs in straight away’.”
“When I spoke to a few sources around Liverpool in the summer, the reply was pretty much ‘that ship has sailed. If we were going to get him, and we do like him – and I’m not breaking any great news there saying Liverpool like FC – the chance to get him was at Fiorentina when he was £20m, now he’s at Juventus, he’s probably £60m-£70m and still going up’. I’m pretty sure there was no inkling of it in the summer… but if there was an opportunity to get him at a decent price in the future, I think Liverpool would certainly want to be looking at it, whether that opportunity emerges is another thing.”
“In Chiesa’s case, especially, the one thing you would say is that he fits the bill as a Liverpool player in everything but availability and that’s a pretty significant bit!”

Redmen Reacts

It never really made any sense to hear that Liverpool were interested in Chiesa given that he hasn’t officially signed for Juventus yet and that they have a deal in place to sign him. 

He’s clearly a very, very good player and it’s no huge shock to hear that he’s a player who Liverpool are keen on and hopefully, one day down the line, he could become a Red as he’s a supreme talent.
However, given that he’s not even a Juventus player on a permanent basis yet, that doesn’t seem like it’s something that’s going to happen any time soon.

As Neil’s source at Liverpool put it, the ship seems to have sailed on the chances of Chiesa becoming a Liverpool player, at least for the next few seasons and more than likely, forever.



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