Ahead of Liverpool’s huge game against Manchester United on Saturday, Chris and Paul had a chat about Mourinho’s squad, tactics and management style. Are his days as a top-class manager numbered? They also picked their north v south all-star teams and asked which Liverpool player they would eat in a post-apocalyptic world!

Kick Off: J A Y‏ @TheJames91
The world as we know it is finished. Food supplies are almost depleted and the world has turned to cannibalism.

Bizarrely you find yourself in the Melwood training facility and have a difficult choice to make: you know what I’m getting at.

Who do you eat?


News In Brief:
United came back from 2-0 down to beat Palace. Gutted.
Mo Salah donates half a million pounds worth of equipment to Egyptian cancer hospital
Football Insider wants us to go head to head with Spurs for Jonathan Tah
Liverpool have scored the most 90th+ minute winners in Prem history (30), Arsenal 2nd on 25. United lower on 19.

TOPIC: Liverpool v United: Combined XI
Anyone they have that you are dead jealous of? Do they get in our team?

Dan Owen Chose your All-star Prem teams. North vs South NBA style

Jonathan Cooke Apart from Mignolet (and Can), are there any current first team/squad players you could bear to see leave in the summer?

I’m struggling to think of anyone. I love this group of players!

Lee Carter‏ @LeeCarterLive
Best album pre 90’s?
‘Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon’ for me

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