Klopp Kills Quit Rumours | The Redmen TV Podcast

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Paul, Chris, Sam and James are here to talk all things Liverpool FC and the wider footballing world ahead of the game against RB Leipzig this evening!

    • Stan Gooped @StanGooper
      • You own a shop. You’re only allowed to sell one thing (I.e one specific trainer not trainers) what do you sell?
    • Andrew Ellis @Jacippet
      • Ok if you had to have a filter permanently applied to all your zoom and videos for ever more what would you choose? I’m thinking @mrbloodred the excitable puppy @ThePaulMachin the foxy and @ross the pussy cat
    • We were a question on Tipping Point, hahahaha!
    • Jurgen Klopp responds to weekend rumours that he was quitting.
      • Didn’t stop the weekend being ruined.
      • The CL presser was exactly what we all needed.
      • He is “full of energy for the challenge”
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