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Paul, Chris, James and Ben bring you the first pod after Liverpool became Premier League CHAMPIONS! The lads talk through the celebrations from after the game and what they thought of some of the scenes, they also discuss the 7 guard of honours Liverpool might be getting and how we should prepare for next season!

Kickoff Question Jith You’re allowed to play one full game from Liverpool’s history but you have your football skill set and you have to replace someone from that team. The result will likely be different to the one that happened in real life. Which game do you pick?

Topics Paul – Celebrations. Good, Bad and Ugly. Chris – Where do you all stand on the guard of honour? Why is it now a thing? Is it because Liverpool won it so early? James – Best text and most bitter text you’ve received since we won the league? Ben – How do Liverpool handle the rest of the season? Will it still be flat out or will we see more rotation as we prepare for next season?
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