Leicester 0-4 World Champions | Player Ratings

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Ross – @rossic89

That was our most complete perfromance of the season. Prior to this I was a little worried; back from Qatar, played loads of football, fatigue may kick in, Leicester are a bit good.

What the fuck was I worried for?

So many positives from that game, Keita was sensational, as was Hendo. The game will all be about Trent. And rightly fucking so. What a performance and what a player. Superb.

Alisson – 7

Another clean sheet for Alisson but in truth he didn’t have that much to do. Distribution wasn’t as good as usual but who gives a fuck right now. We just won 4-0.

Trent – 10

Where do you start with that? Two assists and a belter of a goal. What were you doing at his age? Honestly? Coz it won’t be anything near as good as what this guy is doing. He’s world class.

Gomez  – 9

Thought the yellow was harsh to be honest but besides that Joe was terrific. Vardy and co hardly got a sniff at goal.

van Dijk – 9

Copy and paste from every other week, yeah? Reading of the game just cuts out any danger. Even went for a slidey despite it being offside. Long range passing something else tonight too. Not many centre backs are as creative as him.

Robbo – 8

Poor fella. Played exceptionally well and had Harvey Barnes in his pocket but won’t get the plaudits coz Trent just bossed the fucking world. Have an Iru Bru Robbo. You’ve earned it.

Hendo – 9

How much footy has Hendo played recently? Does it show? Does it fuck. Everywhere again today, pressed well, found pockets of space and faultless passing created dangerous attacks time and time again.


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Keita – 9

He’s fucking arrived hasn’t he? Step overs, penetrating runs, taking players on, cute passes, link up play on point and shielded the ball well when required.

Gini – 8

As always he keeps himself to himself by just doing the dirty work. Putting out fires and recycling the ball well. Shouldn’t go underrated this from Gini. Kept Maddison, Barnes and Vardy quiet.

Mane – 8 

Should have had at least two goals. Doesn’t give up though, still creates, still causes problems and takes players out of their positions. Got himself an assist by laying the ball off for Trent too!

Salah – 8

Bit like Mane tonight, found himself in the right place at the right time on many occasions – just didn’t bring his shooting boots with him tonight. Luckily we are blessed with quality all over the pitch and the best right back in the world.

Bobby – 10

Bobbbyyyy!! How can you not love this guy?! He is on fire at the moment, two more goals for him tonight and it could have been more!


Milner – 10

First touch. Goal. What else needs to be said?

Origi – 7

Wasn’t really involved much.

Lallana – N/A

Wasn’t on long really.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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