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Ross – @rossic89

Liverpool football club stop hurting me.

Was looking forward to an early kick off to be honest. No 8 hours of Twitter rumours of who will be injured, no weekend wasted with mass anxiety to see if Liverpool would win again and if we had won, then the weekend would have been boss. No such luck for Liverpool.

Better performance in the first half an some encouraging signs in the first half. But here we are, first game of the weekend and we lost. Weekend ruined.

You all know the circumstances so I won’t go over them again.

Fabinho injured, Davies injured, Milner injured. Might just commission a painting of Dunkirk but replace soldiers with injured Liverpool players.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 6

Well it started well. Made some important saves, good with the ball at his feet, distribution was more of less spot on, maybe one dodgy kick that I can remember and he was quick off his erm, line.

Clear lack of communication. I’m no professional but I think that was his to claim to be honest. Makes no difference. Still fucking conceded.

Trent – 6

Came close with a free kick and played some lovely passes but all of that is not important when you lose 3-1. Which is a shame because I was enjoying the game when we went 1-0 up.

Hendo – 7

Listen, he’s not a CB but in the situation we are in, he’s currently our best one. Thought he and the rest of the back line kept Vardy and co relatively quiet for a good seventy minutes. Then we simply imploded. Going forward it was his long balls over the top to Salah that were causing issues for Leicester too.

Kabak – 6

Relatively quiet for most of that game which isn’t a bad thing, especially with the attacking threat of Leicester. Thought he might have been targeted a bit more but oddly is was a random long ball which caught him out. Klopp said he never heard Ali shout for it, in which case you can’t really blame Kabak.

Robbo –

Gini – 6

Thought Liverpool dominated the midfield in the first half and a lot of that was down to Gini. His ability to protect that ball and retain possession enables Liverpool to pin sides in their own half. Again, we lost so it’s fucking hard to remain positive about much right now.



Milner – 6

Jones – 6

Looked like our only attacking threat at one point. The man in the middle who wanted get forward and penetrate the Leicester defence. I love the fact he can keep hold of the ball at the right time too, if the pass isn’t on he can create 5 yards for himself before laying it off.

Bobby – 6.5

Sadly that piece of utter filth will also be forgotten or under appreciated because, you know, we fucking lost. Again. More infuriating in that we looked more likely to grab a second before conceding the equaliser. But we didn’t.

Salah – 7

Lots of points for that finish. No backlift, no nothing, yet somehow he still he gets the power and the bend to score yet another quality goal. The saying “he’s got two left feet” is normally a negative but I’d do anything to give Salah two left feet right now. He can’t do much with his right foot and yet his is still the top scorer in the league.

Mané – 6

Sadio has everything to his game right now for me but is just lacking that bit of end product. Now, that isn’t all down to him and some of that is also a mixture of hard lines, bad luck and good defending.

Thiago – 5

Hasn’t trained all week, was probably only on the bench due to low numbers and yet found himself coming on in the first half. Seen a few people blame him for the free kick which led to the goal but to be honest, I think it was just a series of errors which led to that goal.

Ox – N/A

Late sub.

Shaqiri – N/A

Came on for a laugh.

Ross – @rossic89

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