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Ross – @rossic89


I think we all needed that didn’t we? Not only a win but a really good performance from Liverpool tonight and to be honest, a really good game of football too.

There’s a lot to be said for teams who come out and play football against Liverpool, it’s possibly dangerous and better for us, but even as a spectacle, I needed that. That’s the most I’ve enjoyed football for a while. A number of stand out performances on our side and a few brain farts on the other for a change.

This tie is far from over, but enjoy it. Hopefully, this can be the springboard for Liverpool to gather some pace and confidence for the rest of the season.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 8

Never in doubt with this man in goal. Some big saves to deny Leipzig tonight and despite the thing we don’t need to mention or think about from the weekend, he was still quick and dominant off his line when he needed to be. Must have found his voice! Passing was great tonight but who gives a fuck. We won a game of football.

Trent – 9

All the fear before the game was how Liverpool, and more importantly, Trent could cope with Angelino. No issues at all tonight. Defensively he was in control and composed. Going forward he was a constant danger. Sone lovely passes. Very much like the Trent we love.

Hendo – 8

Aggressive, dominant, organised and a fucking leader. He’s getting better at CB despite none of us wanting him in there. A clean sheet will be a massive confidence booster for him and Kabak.

Kabak – 8

Much better from Ozan there. Could copy and paste Hendo’s comments to be honest but I best look like I’m making an effort. Great in the air and his positioning, rapport with the back line and his confidence/self belief is starting to come through.

Robbo – 7

Solid Robbo performance that wasn’t is. Solid at the back and appeared to be a bit more reserved at going forward at times which gave us a better balance. Obviously there were the occasions he bombed forwards, including the end where Klopp screamed at him to shithouse it into the corner.

Also but Gulasci into the net.

Gini – 8

We dominated the middle of the park and that was one of those boss Gini performances where you find yourself cheering him on and applauding him shoving people off the ball. Showed how good his close control can be in tight areas once again.



Thiago – 8

Shit me up a little when he gave a foul away inside 4 minutes. But he was class tonight. Constantly on the front foot, nipping in front of his man to pinch the ball and got Liverpool going forward on many occasion.

Mad how he slows up down though…….(this is very much sarcasm)

Jones – 9

20 years of age. FUCKING TWENTY.

His decision making is exceptional; never pressured, never rushed. Just keeps hold of the ball and waits for his options to open up. Brilliant.

Bobby – 8

Full of confidence, had bags of space to play in and do Bobby things. Scored a goal, not sure it was out to be honest. He could have had another but hit the side netting. Just boss to see him buzzing about the gaff to be honest. What we need heading into Saturday!

Salah – 9

Just on it isn’t he? Several mistakes from the Leipzig back line and Mo was ready to pounce. Could have had more but for a string of saves from the ‘keeper. 24 goals this season in all comps for the four season wonder.

Mané – 8

Man like Sadio was bang up for that game and had the defence on strings. Drew several fouls, sent a few lads for hot dogs and bagged himself a goal. Wonderful stuff.

Shaq – N/A


Wasn’t on long really.

Ox – N/A

Nearly had an instant impact. But good to see him build on his minutes.

Neco Williams – N/A

Came on for a laugh.

Ross – @rossic89

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