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Are you a die-hard Liverpool FC fan but you also like playing video games? You’ve probably heard of the legendary Liverpool title, a video game that paid tribute to the club, released in 1990 on Amstrad. Today there is no recent title entirely dedicated to Liverpool FC, so the club itself has found a way to combine love of football and video games by developing LFC Gaming. As the season is over, LFC Gaming can be a good way to keep the fun going. Before you get started, follow the guide!

An exclusive community for Liverpool FC fans

Nowadays, almost everyone has a console or computer with an internet connection to play video games. With this in mind, the club’s executives wanted to use video games as a medium to bring fans together, regardless of their age or geographical location. This initiative is perfectly keeping with the mentality of football, which is a sport that brings people together and allows thousands of people to experience emotions as one by vibrating to the rhythm of the ball. LFC Gaming is an online gaming community dedicated specifically to Liverpool FC fans. It has the great advantage of being cross-platform and therefore accessible to fans all over the world. The principle of LFC Gaming is to allow players to compete on the most popular games such as EA FIFA, EA Madden, EA NHL, NBA2K in order to win points and rank in tournaments. If you enjoy being part of a community of players but are not an expert in console football games, try Starburst slot, an equally exciting online casino game.

How to join LFC Gaming?

First of all, you need to register on the official LFC website or mobile app. Then access the gaming platform via your console, phone or computer. Please note that only Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S & X consoles are compatible with LFC Gaming. You are free to choose which game you want to play, but remember that you must have purchased it first. Participation in LFC tournaments is completely free. Use the Rival platform to view all the tournaments you can enter and to register for them.

The reward system

As you can see, the principle of LFC Gaming is to allow the club’s fans to challenge each other in an e-sports way. This tournament organisation is reminiscent of the organisation of football matches! 

Tournament winners can win real rewards such as official Liverpool FC merchandise, special real or virtual fan experiences, collectibles, digital downloads or gifts from partners. It’s motivating, but remember, just like in football, fun comes first!

Not all tournaments offer prizes, but each time you participate you earn points that will allow you to climb the LFC Gaming and Rivals world rankings. 


We can only applaud the club’s initiative, as this very inclusive platform not only provides entertainment but also strengthens the feeling of belonging to the Liverpool FC fan community, all over the world. It also shows that the club’s executives are aware of the importance of video games as entertainment and the attractiveness of esports.There are official e-football leagues and worldwide competitions. Those who do not play football can still excel in this sport in a different way! Platforms like LFC Gaming allow players to believe in and develop their talent, and this can lead to real opportunities in e-football.

If you’re not keen on tournament competition, you can play Club Football: Liverpool on PS2, or Liverpool, The Computer Game released in 2005 on PC. Beware, retro feel guaranteed in terms of graphics and gameplay!

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