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Ross – @rossic89

Urgh. That’s the total summary of this game I want to give, but I suppose I’ll have to give more.

I hate to be the ‘I told you so’ guy but I did predict 0-0. All the hype, the excitement, the drama and rivalry and that was the end product. Made less exciting with the ability to have fans inside the stadium. They make such a difference, not just as a spectacle but to the confidence of the players, that extra 10%, the final push. It’s just shite without them. Not just Liverpool, all games.

For Liverpool the big talking point was who would play at CB. No Matip. Shock. Hendo and Fabs were boss but it has an effect on our midfield play, obviously. Shaq was a surprising but well deserved inclusion but the talking point coming out of the game will once again be the front three. Their standards are so high we expect so much more from them, when one has a dip in form the others pick up the slack, now they are all just a bit off it.

As the game went on it felt like United wanted the draw and spent more time concentrating not wanting to concede rather than wanting to extend their lead in the league.

Hurts now, but we must go again on Thursday.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 9

Solid performance from Alisson and he produced some BIG moments in that game. Quick to smell the danger and come off his line, distribution spot on and most importantly an array of world class saves. Did well to deny Pogba inside the box and another close range shot in the second half, one of which may have been offside anyway but Alisson was one of the major factors in Liverpool not conceding today.

Trent – 7

Much better from Trent. A mix of cross-field passing, good link up play with Mo and less hopeful balls into the box as we have seen in recent weeks. Neat give and go’s with Shaq, Jones et al too, but still not enough. Defensively….not brilliant but better.

Fabinho – 9

Copy and paste from any other week. Not a centre half and yet performs like one of the best in the league. He’s so well disciplined, despite picking up a yellow card, but in terms of his position, where is he supposed to be, his awareness of others and once again some important blocks & tackles to deny United.

3 clearances

2 blocked shots

4 interceptions

2 tackles

Hendo – 8

Might go under the radar today but he and Fabinho kept United’s attacks to a minimum and we are all aware of their attacking talent. He was fine at CB v Southampton and he was much better today but it is what we lack in the middle of the park when both he and Fabs are missing. Not his fault I suppose.

Robbo – 7

A lovely whipped ball into Bobby was the highlight of his game and he should have an assist to his name, more on that later. I might just change his name to relentless because I think I use that to sum up his game every week. Tried to find the front three on multiple occasions but a mixture of hard lines and poor finishing meant he could not provide an assist today.

Gini – 7

A right physical ding-dong in the middle of the park today. Pogba and McTomminay in particular are no mugs and one of Gini’s strengths is, well, his strength. Won’t get the plaudits of a Thiago but he did his job for the team; protected the back line, filled in for full-backs, put out fires and cut out danger.



Thiago – 8

Thiag-asm; the collective term used to reflect the noise you make when this man is on the ball. Plays passes on the park you don’t even read watching it on TV, not shy of throwing himself into a tackle and his close control, fuck me, absolute piss-taker. Went around Fred like he was a training cone.

Shaqiri – 7

Boss to see him start and he provided a really encouraging performance too. We’ve been lacking someone between the lines, to bridge that gap between the midfield and the front three, someone to support the front three. As mentioned, United played a decent midfield and Shaq wasn’t afraid to get stuck in.

Mo – 6.5

(Puffs out cheeks) Erm, we just don’t look as dangerous in recent weeks. Form? Confidence? Hard lines? Good defensive displays? A mixture of all of those is more likely. But reasons/excuses aren’t helpful right now, he needs to get back to his best. As do the others.

Bobby – 6

Could be less for Bobby, he probably had the most and the better chances for Liverpool today. Not sure what he had on his feet, but they defo weren’t footy boots. And if they were mine, because I’m horrific. A lot of his shots did fall to his left foot, but he hardly tested De Gea.

Mané – 6.5

A great little battle between him and Wan-Bissaka today and a fairly even one at times. Mané did however get the better of him on a number of occasions in which we looked out most dangerous and most likely to score, but guess what? We didn’t.

Jones – N/A

Only played 15 mins.

Origi – N/A

Late sub

Milner – N/A

Late, late sub

Ross – @rossic89

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