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Ross – @rossic89

Well there we have it, Liverpool are out of the Champions League. 

I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated so many chances. Yet I’m sat here rueing all those chances now. You can blame the first leg, you can blame that first half in Madrid in particular. You can blame all those missed chances in this leg. All of it. 

You don’t take your chances at the highest level, you get fucking punished. Simple. 

Now depending on how you take it, you can be happy with that performance to some degree. I know a ‘take the positive’ slant isn’t what you want to hear now but I can’t be arsed moaning. Where’s that intensity been all season? Can we replicate that in the remainder of the games now please? If we do, we will be back in this competition next season. 

Playing one game a week will help them, help me and help you. 

This hurts now, but in truth, we don’t deserve to go through. All the players can do is learn from it and go again. 

And maybe practice finishing. That would be boss.

Remember these are just opinions. Don’t worry about it. Make your own minds up. My thoughts don’t mean anything.

Alisson – 7

Well he never had loads to do really did he? Besides that huge double save in the second half which kept us in the game. Maybe should have lobbed him upfront. 

Trent – 8

Absolutely relentless, as were many others. Couldn’t fault his efforts and he was quite clearly fucking goosed into the second half yet still committing himself forward and making important tackles when needed. Stats look shite because he made about 2,232 crossed. 

Phillips – 8

Big fucking Nat in the Champions League quarter final doing bits again. Aggressive, calculated and professional. 7/8 aerial duels won. Important blocks and clearances too, didn’t look out of place.

Kabak – 7

Big Ozzy Kabak doing Cruyff turns there. Much like Phillips I thought he was sound, he just wasn’t as involved.

Robertson – 7

Sound. Copy and paste from Trent. We were pushed out wide, Robbo had a lot of the ball, a lot of chances created and certainly put a shift in. What you always expect from Robbo. Just became tired bodies and tired minds towards the end.

Fabinho – 7

Class.  We dominate games when this fella plays well. We control games when he plays well. He has the lot. Passing was on point tonight. Such a shame we did everything right in that game besides score the goals we needed. Having said that, much easier when Madrid sat back.


Milner – 7.5

BIG tackle to set the tone within minutes only to be clattered later on. Could have scored too, at least he was on target with his. But he didn’t and were fucking out. So it doesn’t matter.

Gini – 6

Some moments of brilliance, and when I say brilliance, I mean nice touches. Often to get out of trouble. Also should have scored. But he never. Surprised he stayed on to be honest, he looked shattered.

Bobby – 7

Could have had a few tonight. It wasn’t ‘one of them’ it was ‘one of them’ times a fucking thousand. For everyone. Much better in dropping deep to keep an eye on Kroos. Much better than he has been of late, please take that into the final games of the season.

Salah – 7

Mo was on it tonight! Touches, desire, work rate, defensive work ALLLLLL OF THAT. The only thing that wasn’t yep you fucking guessed it. Finishing. Bloody finishing. Especially that one in the first half. On his favourite foot.

Mané – 7

Still not right is he? First 10/15 mins I thought he was similar to Mo and he’d turned up for the first time in a while. Then as the game went on and the chances were missed, he dipped off again. Still looks tired, still looks shot of confidence. 

Thiago – N/A

No idea why he didn’t start. But it’s a bit late for whataboutery.

Jota – N/A

Played half an hour but can’t really be arsed giving him a rating. Had a few chances to score. Didn’t. Story of the night.

Mané – N/A

Happy Birthday lad.

Ox – N/A

Wasn’t on long.

Shaqiri – N/A

Wasn’t on long.

Ross – @rossic89


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