Liverpool 0-1 Brighton | Player Ratings

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Ross – @rossic89

Fucking shite.

Absolute fucking dog shite.

Ground hog day shite.

Life is shite, the one bit of escapism we can look forward to is the Reds and when they are shite, you double down on the dose of shiteness to add to the already overwhelming amount of  fucking shite you can deal with.

Two things here, well three. One, Brighton had a game plan and executed it well. Two, we were fucking shite. Three, I’ve been adamant the title isn’t over but we can’t continue to lose games like that at home and expect to challenge.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Can hardly praise the lads, so this time I’ll give them a rating of shiteness out of 10, sound ok?

Level 1 – Not that shite

Level 10 – Really fucking shite

Kelleher – Shiteness Level 2

Didn’t have much to do really, came off his line when needed, communicated well and made two big saves in the second half. Not much he could have done for their goal.

Trent -Shiteness Level 5

Crosses 1/14

Long Balls 2/9

Stop crossing the fucking ball.

Hendo – Shiteness Level 2

No idea where he was or where he should have been for the goal. Otherwise defensively he was sound, but we lacked his drive in the middle of the park.

Phillips – Shiteness Level 2

Besides the goal I thought on the whole he was sound. My expectancy level of him isn’t high to be honest, he did the basics and that was it.

Robbo – Shiteness Level 4

Largely ineffective for most of that game until the final stages where he made some runs in behind. Until Divock took it off him.

Gini – Shiteness Level 6

Got booked. That was about it.



Thiago – Shiteness Level 3

Did his best to link something up to the front three, to try something a little different to catch Brighton out but to no avail.

Milner – Shiteness Level 6

Goosed isn’t he. Played loads of football recently and was unable to stamp his mark on the game. Which is a shame really, he’s been sound in the past few games.

Salah – Shiteness Level 6

Another game with no shots on target. Now while Brighton had bodies in the way, you’d think it would partly be up to Salah to think a little differently too.

Bobby – Shiteness Level 6

Passing off, awareness off, shooting off. Bobby subbed off.

Shaqiri – Shiteness Level 7

Down the left, shite. Down the middle shite.

Jones – Shiteness Level 4

Injected something into the game. Came on far too late for me.

Ox – Shiteness Level 5

I’ve no idea what to write and I’ve lost the fucking will at this point. Soz.

Origi – Shiteness Level 10

Came on, tackled Robertson and passed it to the corner flag.

Late, late sub

Ross – @rossic89

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