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Ross – @rossic89

No introduction. Just this Tweet. I’m sure you can all relate.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 6.5

Mixed night for Ali. Made another set of big saves for Liverpool including a wonderful recovery after losing it on the edge of his box. Unlucky for the pen in both giving it away and just narrowly missing it to keep it out. Had enough of stoping the goals and went up the other end for a bit. Even he couldn’t score.

Trent – 5

22 crosses. 1 accurate. STOP CROSSING THE BALL.

Fabinho – 6

Little bit naughty just before half time and quite lucky to only pick up a yellow. Lost his man for the pen in what was otherwise another solid performance from Fab at centre half.

Matip – 6.5

HE’S ALIVE! Makes his injuries even more infuriating when he provides a calmness and maturity to the back line as well as neat passing out from the back to break the lines. He also provided a few more memes for the no context Joel Matip account. I’m all for that.

Robbo – 6

As always with Robbo I can’t fault his efforts in regards with work rate, making himself available and defensive work but offensively we as a team had a collective nightmare tonight. And that isn’t solely Robbo’s fault. It’s our game plan. Same for Trent. Robbo however, looked for the neat give and go on the edge of the box a bit more.

Gini – 5

All for that lung-busting run from our half to the Burnley box and it was just begging to be put away by Salah. Nick Pope took his turn to become prime Oliver Kahn tonight. Not much else to say on Gini.



 Thiago – 6

Had lumps kicked out of him, he kicked lumps out of others. He was the go to guy for most of that game. We needed something different, someone to pick out a pass, to take on a man. He did all of that, it was just a bit deeper than required.

Ox – 5

I mean, he had a shot on goal. That’s more than others in recent weeks. Still finding his way back into this side and it showed. We were just reduced to wild shots outside the box or over playing it.

Shaqiri – 6

You know what, I’ve been impressed with Shaqiri for the past few games. Runs in-between the lines, has great close control and a keen eye for a good pass. Also impressed with his fitness, this must be the most consecutive football he’s played for us.

Origi – 4

Listen, I don’t want to throw lads under the bus but when you are one on one with the ‘keeper like that, in the form we are in, with the results we have had, you have to fucking score. I know he’s played about 12 minutes of Premier League football but he’s a striker. It’s not like he’s picked up a ball for the first time.

Mané – 6

SofaScore had him down as an 8.2. Not sure how it was that high but he did create a few key moments or passes in that game. The only one who was really able to open Burnley up and get it to a teammate. Again, just not enough on this occasion.

Bobby – 5

Had what would be considered our second best chance after Div’s miss. He just got it all wrong, spaffed it wide and nearly hit Salah in the face in the process.

Mo – 6

Only gets a higher rating than Bobby because he had a shot on goal. Yay.

Late sub

Taki – N/A

Late, late sub

Ross – @rossic89

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