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Ross – @rossic89

You up?

Yeah me too, just.

Big bag of wank that wasn’t it? Never got going, lost cohesion, played a few young lads. But lets have things right here, just because we beat them 5-0, it doesn’t make them shite. Well it does, a little, for that one night. But they came with a point to prove and beat us in every department. I don’t like admitting it, I don’t like losing but credit where it was due.

On us, we had to make changes. All this “we should have gone strong and taken people off” is fine, but we don’t know the ins and outs, it’s not as easy as that. And had we built up injuries the same people would have said “should have rotated” – Klopp can’t win.

Maybe he thought that side was good enough. Maybe he didn’t have a choice. Maybe he got it wrong. Shit happens.

The repercussions of that were a disjointed, inexperienced back line which, in turn, meant the midfield became too occupied with protecting them which meant we just couldn’t get out and get the ball to the forwards. We didn’t have a shot on goal for fucks sake, that should tell you all you need to know. All that shite combined with a good performance from Atalanta, it was stacked against us.

I’d love to be sat here with a win in the bag and qualification secured. I’d also love to be sat in the Maldives while Margot Robbie brings me beer. Tough titties. Life, not her. You can’t always have what you want. I’m aware our chances of getting 3 points was a lot more realistic but I’m trying to lay some perspective on things.

We are still in a good place to qualify and we rested some big players ahead of Saturday and the chances of me and Margot meeting have never been slimmer.

The loss hurts now. Sleep on it and reflect in the morning.

Oh the ref was a blurt too.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 6

Couple of saves. Conceded two goals. Big save in the first which nearly caught him out.

N. Williams – 5 

Seen loads on socials giving him a bit of stick. Not sure why. He was dispossessed a few times in the first half and guilty of being sloppy, but who wasn’t? Especially in the first half.

R. Williams – 6

Thought he was having a decent game until the goal. It was just a lapse of concentration, which can happen and a risk when playing young, inexperienced players in the worlds best club competition. Other than that I thought he was composed and confident on the ball and got into some good positions on set pieces.

Matip – 6

Well he’s fit for a consecutive game, not sure he should be warranted points for that, or praised. But I’m trying to look for positives in this. Sandwiched between two youngsters was never going to be easy and he can’t do everything.

Tsimikas – 6

Got booked. Possibly the highlight of his game. Put in a few dangerous crosses, got forward as and when, which wasn’t often and had he also played a neat set piece with Milner and Jones.

Gini – 6

One of our better players, which sounds a bit fucking mental amongst a shit show. The midfield was overrun and too occupied with protecting that back line. He broke up attacks and protected the ball, it just wasn’t enough and again, credit to Atalanta.



Jones – 6

Again one of the better players who actually got hold of the ball at some point during the game. I’ve fucking lowered the bar here. A man did something with the ball. Next.

Milner – 6

Lost all interest in this now you know. What did you get up to today? Did you plan your day round the footy? I’ve had a busy day to be fair. Had a big chat about fans being back in stadiums, it’s on the website. Also beat Chris on PES, was 2-0 down as well. Pretty happy with that.

Mane – 5

He’s goosed isn’t he. Can’t fault his effort. Atalanta marked him out the game.

Salah – 5

Reckon he’s still got ‘rona.

Origi – 4



Bobby – 6

Things got interesting when the cavalry was called. Things happened. We ventured into their third. That was nice.

Jota – 6

Didn’t get a goal this time. Shite him. Time to sell innit. Di-nogoal Jota. AMIRITE.

Fabinho – 6.5

Actually asserted some sort of dominance in the midfield. So errr.. yeah.

Robertson – 5

Forgot he came on to be honest. Started playing GTA on me phone. Really good you know, cheap and easy to play. Vice City, great sound track.

Taki – N/A

Late, late sub.

Ross – @rossic89

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