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Ross – @rossic89

Not sure what to even say anymore.

Watched 90 minutes of that and now being forced to watch Ant and Dec. Not sure how it gets worse to be honest.

I’m not sure where Liverpool go from here but I have just seen this which sums up my feelings.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 6

Not at fault for the goal and made a great save from DCL before he kicked Trent in the back of the head and we conceded a pen.

Trent – 7

Like most if not all of the Liverpool side he hardly stood out in the first half but we had a bit of luck in the second half. Well, in our build up play anyway. The only player who looked to penetrate, who looked pissed off and had any sense of urgency. Can’t do fuck all for that pen, it’s not a pen.

Hendo – N/A


Kabak – 5

Not going to throw him under the bus and write him off completely but he was slow to react for the first goal and misjudged several long balls. Picked up a bit in the second half, with his second partner if the game.

Robbo – 5

Him and Mané never really got going did they? Not for want of trying. Mané fucked off to the right hand side for a bit in the second and left Robbo to it.

Gini – 5

Played the Gini role. Not flash, but not outstanding. Was a little better in winning and retaining possession. Could have had a goal but it was ambitious and saved by Pickford. Won all his ground and aerial duels to be fair.



Thiago – 5

We tend to lose and win games based on the midfield battle. Today, for me, we didn’t really get hold of it. We were sloppy, slow and behind before I even had time to make a brew. That never helps. Thiago doesn’t slow us down as Klopp rightly said so lets just put that argument to bed.

Jones – 6

Mixed reports on Twitter. Shock. Some saying he was absolute shite, some saying he didn’t put a foot wrong. And those who rightly pointed out when he gets taken off it doesn’t end well for us. Was probably a mix of all of that to be honest.

Bobby – 4

I love this man. I really do. But my patience with his shooting is wearing very, very thin. Maybe this has gone under the radar for a few years because his form hasn’t been this bad. But when we are relying on him, he has to take those fucking chances. Not just him. Everyone. That’s what cost us today.

Salah – 6

Think he would really help himself if he didn’t throw his arms about so much. I don’t want to be coming away from a football game talking about diving or weighing in on a debate. Not just him, any Liverpool player. The front three as a whole aren’t great right now. One shot on target for Mo today.

Mané – 5

His form has been under scrutiny for a few weeks now and on the face of it, it’s probably right. Should be coming away from this with at least one goal but Keane denied him. In his defence, he has to try and beat about 3 players to get anywhere near the goal so hi chances are reduced.

Phillips – 6

Looked really assured for most of the game, flying into defensive and offensive headers, put himself about a bit.

Shaq – 5

Not the player you really want to inject pace and impetus into a game but he tried his best.

Origi – N/A

Ross – @rossic89

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