Liverpool 1-0 Wolves | The Final Word

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Chris, Ross, Adam and John are here to for an in-depth chat on Liverpool’s, 1-0 win over Wolves, where a Sadio Mane goal was the difference between the two sides.




  • 2019 ends with another win. What a year. Leicester are the only team to leave Anfield with a point. Fucking hell. What are we witnessing?!
  • Gold badges! Looked great. Bet those match worn shirts will be worth a bit
  • Strong starting eleven thoughts. Fair play
  • 4231 lallana advanced right. Firmino 10. Salah 9 – what did you make of it?
  • Salah probably should’ve scored early doors! What did you make of him playing up top again?
  • Wijnaldum lost the ball but yet again he was quality!
  • Good first 25. Lots of control. Salah looked bright. Had a few chances. Not conceded any.
  • So much good work from the right.
  • VAR. Taylor disallowed straight away. It defo came off Lallana’s shoulder. Mane finishes. 1-0. VAR gets it right again.
  • If taylor had blown up before it crossed the line. It wouldn’t have counted?!? WTF.
  • Netto equalises on half time. VAR checked for Jonny offside. He was. Disallowed by VAR. Nuno booked. Fuckin joke. VAR needs to get in the bin. Glad it got struck off just for his shit hand celebration tbh
  • Connor Coady went in post match. Great to see a player speak so well about it.
  • Poor start to 2nd half. Couldn’t keep the ball and Wolves looked highly motivated.
  • Wolves bring on the cavalry inc. Traore and go 343. Lallana tackles him haha (60mins) – we dealt with him really well all told!
  • Started to slow the game down and started to create more.
  • Keita on for Lallana. Boss performance from him. Assist and worked his socks off. Thoughts?
  • Very rare VVD mistake. Alisson saves his bacon. We were a bit ragged towards the end but we did it. Understandable considering we didnt really rest anyone. Once again, result is all that matters.


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