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Ross – @rossic89

Just one of them really wasn’t it? Lively, action packed and exhilarating first half. The complete fucking opposite in the second. We pushed and pushed but you know what, there’s this saying in football. If you don’t take your chances, you’ll get punished. And we, well, you know the score. The ref wasn’t completely at fault for today but fuck me, he’s poor at judging footy and by the looks of things he’d be out of place in WWE too. Mo and Robbo could have both had pens there. Some records are now out of reach but it is time for some perspective. We all want the club to do well, we all want to blow these records off the face off the round earth but lets not let these minor disappointments taint our whole season. As mentioned in my match build up, Burnley aren’t as shite we all think. We should be doing better though. Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Alisson – 7 Will be fuming to concede a goal there, as he would be every game. Comforted in the notion that his golden glove rival also conceded. Bullied by defenders on set pieces and the ref was a bit of a wet lettuce protecting him. Williams – 7 Another solid performance from the Welsh Cafu today Brimming with confidence from his first Premier League start earlier in the week and great to see him get another start, showed off a decent Maradona turn too! Managed to get further forward a lot more but found it difficult to influence in the final third. van Dijk  – 7 Ideal defender for hoof ball. Big, strong and physical thwarting Burnley attacks. Defence overall looked a bit ropey in the last 20 minutes. Virgil also contributed going forward as he always done with some raking passes out to the flanks. Gomez – 6.5 Similar to Virgil but his touch at times looked a little off and that led to his yellow card. Heavy touch, lost the ball, foul. Maybe you could argue he was exposed as we pushed on but there’s no point in arguing now. Robbo – 8 A pain in the Burnley side, particularly in the first half. And he gets a few points for the goal alone! What a finish that was! I’ve put it underneath so you can watch it again. YOU’RE WELCOME!  Fabinho – 8 Wonderful deft chip to set up Robbo. Was constantly on the edge of their third pinning the opposition in allowing us to recycle play and maintain attacks. Equally providing support for defenders and tracking back well as you’d expect.




Gini – 6.5 The strength and work rate required in a game like that but like most games you still want a bit more from him. Is that fair? I don’t know. Didn’t do anything of note in either half that I can remember. Jones – 7.5 Tell you what he put a marker down there didn’t he. The driving force in that midfield with cute link up play required to break down the Burnley back 10. Provided energy and determination as well as getting stuck in to challenges. Well in lad. Salah – 7 Right this will cause some debate as we are all a bit reactionary/pissed off he didn’t score but he did cause loads of problems, some how managed to pick gaps in a flat back ten and was fouled in the box a few times. But he should have at least another goal to his name. Bloody Nick Pope. Bobby – 7 Like many players today he was superb in the first half, some cute touches, neat, intricate link up play, brings others into play and just can’t seem to get a goal at Anfield. Hit the post though, so you know, getting closer. Was goosed by the end. Mane – 6.5 Just one of them isn’t it. Never happened for the lad. But not for the want of trying. Just had big hairy bastards in his way. Frustrating for us and defo for him. Robbo was a good outlet but Mané just could not provide his usual influence.
Subs Trent –  6.5 Managed to get 20 minutes under his belt and you could argue one of our most creative players should have started that game. We all knew Burnley were going to set up like that. Boss has plans for him on Wednesday. NABY LAD – 7 Sound. Mirrored Curtis Jones in being creative, lively and the spark that looked to get us over the line. There will be arguments he should have started, he best start on Wednesday. Ox – N/A Played about ten minutes. Ross – @rossic89
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