Liverpool 1-4 Man City | Things We Learned

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Liverpool loses 1-4 at home to Manchester City.

No Desire

This Liverpool team looks like a completely different side to what we expect and what we have been experiencing for the last couple of years.

We’ve been hard done by with injuries and that has had a huge impact on our squad but we can’t keep bringing it up every single time. We’ve been without Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez at the back for a while now but you have to make do with what you have got and we don’t seem to be doing that at all right now.

We go out and buy two new center-backs on transfer deadline day, one of them doesn’t make the bench tonight and the other doesn’t get a look in either. We are clearly lacking in the midfield area and we need a Jordan Henderson in there to inject a bit of pace and creativity and get things moving forward but unless we take a chance on taking him out of the defence it’s never going to happen.

This is a team that has players full of desire and passion and a never say die mentality but they’re completely off the ball right now. Jurgen Klopp alluded to the players being mentally fatigued last week and it’s really starting to show, they’re heads are dropping in the wrong moments, there is no desire or will to want to change the game when something isn’t going out way.

We need to get it sorted out quickly otherwise our top four qualification hangs in the balance, never mind a title race.



I hate to single players out but Alisson is going to be the main talking point amongst fans after this game.

His consistency since signing for Liverpool has been incredible and we would not have been able to win half the stuff we have without having him in goal. Players are allowed their bad days and he had one today, but what in the world was he trying to do there?

We got away with one after the John Stones disallowed goal but then not long after we find ourselves 2-1 down following a very poor mistake from the goalkeeper. City capitalised well on that mistake but the fact he then did another one moments later was unbelievable. If he’s already mentally fatigued, imagine how he’s going to feel after that performance.

The entire squad needs a reset and they need to shake these cobwebs off very quickly otherwise we could find ourselves in some serious trouble.

Leicester City Up Next

Our next game is the 13th of February against Leicester City away and that is going to be a huge test for us. The next couple of fixtures are massive for our season and we need to get ourselves together ahead of them.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Lauren – @Lauren_Black9

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