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Ross – @rossic89

Still not the best performance in the world but it’s the three points we all wanted and Liverpool are back to winning ways ahead of a crucial game in midweek. Some better individual displays for Liverpool in what was a lacklustre second half. Let’s not even get started on the officials. We’ve all bought into the league being done and now we’ve reverted to wanting 17/18 heavy metal football just so we actually sit back and enjoy a game. Which makes games like that seem nervy and tense. This result is a huge boost for the players and the fans, now lets build on it! That’s 22 wins on the bounce in the league at Anfield. Another record broken! Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Adrian – 6 Not much he could have done for the goal really, he was caught in two minds. And there was a huge push on Gomez. So it shouldn’t have stood anyway. Trent – 7 Often an outlet as usual and the key to most of our attacks. 60 out of 74 passes completed today and the second most chances created. Always going to be difficult when Bournemouth packed so many bodies in the box. Gomez  – 7 Let’s be honest. It was a push wasn’t it. Michael Oliver checked. Said it wasn’t. We should have concentrated and played to the whistle. But what a joke. Wilson was a handful for him and van Dijk but his chances were limited. van Dijk – 7 A threat going forward and imperious as always at the back. Had a free header in the second half which arguably, he could have done better with. Kept things simple and slid Mane in for the second. Milner – 8 A leader on and off the pitch. Motivated the lads before hand, covered every blade of grass and kept Adrian out of the shit with a wonderful goal-line clearance. Fabinho – 6 Still not up to the high standards he set before his injury but not poor. Not sure what it is, maybe I want a more dominant display, more of an influence, more shithousery. Maybe I’m just being harsh.



Gini – 7 So underrated when he makes the runs from deep to open up space or create a chance for himself. Aggressive in the challenge and protective as ever with the ball. Found himself in the wars a few times. Ox – 7 The drive, determination and penetration we have been crying out for in recent weeks. Set the tempo by bursting forward or by asking questions of the Bournemouth defence by having a shot from range. Salah – 7 Did so well to recover a poor pass from Mane and make something out of that. 70 goals in 100 apps. Just let that sink in. He’s a winger for fucks sake. That’s an incredible return and something we should never take for granted. Bobby – 6 Had to drop deep to get involved with the game but still looks shy of confidence or any ruthlessness which we associate him with. Should have had a goal late in the second half too. Guess what? He’s saving it for Atletico. Mane – 8 An assist, be it a poor pass. And a goal which sealed the win for Liverpool. Missed his mate Robbo again today but still caused problems by himself or with Milner. His persistence in the press led to the first goal. A man who simply does not give up.
Subs Lallana – N/A Wasn’t on long enough to rate. Divock – N/A Wasn’t on long enough to rate. Ross – @rossic89
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