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Ross – @rossic89 Bloody hell. That went on for ages didn’t it. Liverpool just don’t give up do they? Fluke of a goal for them which admittedly came from Hendo being sloppy but nonetheless not the ideal start. Then it was just a case of score. And score again. Always back us to create chances but when the goalie starts pulling off worldies left, right and centre you start to think it might be ‘one of them’. Our players don’t carry that mentality though. Up the top of the table, unbeaten reds! Alisson – 7 Not much to do really but his composure, all round aura and dominance of his box, well half actually, make him standout. His distribution cannot be underestimated, can start off an attack from a throw! Incredible! Trent – 9 The source of creativity once again. Constantly playing superb balls into the box and consistently picked someone out. The quality of ball leaves you in awe sometimes. When he wasn’t creating he was just pinging 50 yard balls to Robbo. Sound. Lovren  – 6.5 Oh Dejan. Never does a player make me shit myself as much as you. Bullied by Kane and wildly jumping for headers giving flash backs to Wembley. However, as 4th choice centre back you can’t really complain. Grew into the game. van Dijk – 8 Just a cut and paste like every week, yeah? Thought so. Positioning and reading of the game is second to none. Always reassuring when he is in the team. A bit flat footed for the goal?? I don’t think anyone expected it to hit Lovren, then the post and land at Kane’s head tbf. Robbo – 9 Same as Trent. An outlet, a threat and clinical with his delivery. Provides support to Mané and defensively sound too. Absolutely relentless today. Fabinho – 10 10. A fucking 10. The guy is just a machine isn’t he. Broke down countless attacks, always gets stuck in and provides more composure in the middle of the park. Orchestrated loads of attacks playing delicious balls out wide to Trent and Robbo.



Hendo – 8 Points deducted for being sloppy in possession for the first goal but points gained for not giving up, for showing why he is so important to this side and for getting the goal that got us back into the game. Gini – 7 He does go a bit quiet in games sometimes and he probably did for the first 20 mins. But like Hendo, there is a reason he gets picked, there’s a reason he fits so well. His work rate and ethic cannot be matched sometimes. Bobby – 7 Thought he was pretty quiet too. Grew into the game and got involved once he dropped a little deeper. Fancy flicks and tricks came out in the end and his defensive qualities shone through in helping out the midfield. Salah – 8 Kept pretty quiet by Spurs to be fair, a few half chances, some chances that lacked composure. But you know what, he doesn’t give up. Also loves a pen v Spurs. You know like when we won it six times. Not sure if you knew. Mane – 9 This guy. Just a piss taker isn’t he. So unpredictable, so ruthless and just a joy to watch. Might not get the usual plaudits as he didn’t score but my word does he take the opponent to task. Another one who just doesn’t give up. Fights for cause and it paid off. Won the pen that won us the game.
Subs Milner – N/A Not on long but shithoused a proper cynical tackle to get booked and provided composure to get it into the corner and calm things down late on. Gomez  – N/A Shored up the defence a little but was only on a matter of minutes. Divock – N/A Wasn’t on long enough to warrant a score. Presume he just wanted to scare the shit out of Spurs and remind them he brought home number six. Let me know your thoughts on the game below! Ross – @rossic89
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