Liverpool 3-1 Man City | The Final Word

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Paul, Ste, Jon and Bailey are here to discuss Liverpool’s emphatic 3-1 win over Manchester City!

Liverpool 3-1 Man City | Final Word

  • Just a splendid afternoon of footy. 
  • A massive game, did the chance of the 9 point gap contribute to pre-match nerves?
  • Lots of City injury talk in the Build up, defo a case re: Bravo but Cry me a river re: Centre backs.
  • Hendo and Gini get the nod over Ox. Both brilliant.
  • The first goal. Trent handball in the build up?
  • Play to the whistle and all that. Fabinho with a belter.
  • The 2nd goal is a thing of beauty. Trent to Robbo to Salah.
  • Trent is going to start scoring goals soon, and he’ll be the best right back ever.
  • They caused us problems- Sterling especially.
  • The 3rd goal kills it. Great play Hendo!
  • Klopp furious with refs for their goal
  • Subs/formation change didn’t have the positive impact. 442/4231.
  • Hendo being ill this week impacts his withdrawal.
  • Ox bright but we’d lost momentum by then.
  • Getting Gomez on was probably the right call. Picking Sterling up was class.
  • 9 points ahead of City after 11 games. 8 points clear.
  • Everyone is being very careful in how they word their reactions
  • Apart from Mourinho who thinks it’s done.
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