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Ross – @rossic89

Let’s be honest, that was terrible. Yes we won, but I can’t say I enjoyed that. We didn’t get going until we went 2-1 down and Chambo came on. Credit to the lads for digging deep and winning yet another game of football though. Let’s not under-appreciate them.

There is a lot to be said for being the fittest team in the league, that is what helps us win so many games in the second half. Yes it’s an elite mentality but we work teams into the ground.

And never forget ladies and gentleman……David Moyes is a football genius.

Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 7

He will be bitterly disappointed with the goals he conceded and the fact that’s 3 in 2 now. Didn’t let it get to him too much though with a huge save deep into the second half.

Trent – 9

Was allowed bags of space by West Ham despite being a constant threat. Got himself a two more assists, Fantasy Football players will be happy with him, again…

Gomez  – 7

Made a mistake in the first half and was guilty of a few sloppy passes like many others. Made some crucial tackles and won 3 out of 3 ground duels!

van Dijk – 7

A huge threat going forward, hit the bar and caused issues for West Ham time and time again. Defensively, I don’t think he was directly at fault for any of the goals but he will be fuming.

Robbo – 7

Saw plenty of the like Trent and was repeatedly a thorn in West Ham’s side. Has lots of rhythm with Sadio Mane which allows the pair of them to create space. Get his assist too, the competition with Trent goes on..

Fabinho – 6

A sound performance, nothing special and nothing detrimental for me. Up against a physical side and in particular the midfield so it was always going to be a battle.


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Gini – 7

Scoring headers at Anfield? Bloody loves it Gini doesn’t he?! Important to get the first goal in which the ‘keeper should have done better but who cares.

Keita – 6

I’m not frustrated at him, I’m frustrated for him. Sometimes it just seems to be a case of hard lines and poor luck when he plays. Not helped by Ox coming on and completely up staging him. However…..

Salah – 7

Got a bit lucky with his goal but who cares? Saw multiple sides of his game tonight. His hold up play and bringing others into the game as well as link up play with Bobby and others frustrated West Ham.

Bobby – 6

Grew into the game….in the last 20 minutes just like everyone else but it just wasn’t his game. The usual dropping deep to come into play and pull defenders out of position but we needed more from him, particularly in the first half.

Mane – 7

Gets the winning goal and could have had two, was deffo offside like. Looked fuming to come off. Good. He wants more, he wants another goal. He wants to fucking destroy teams. Good.


Ox – 8

Changed the game for me. That and going 2-1 down. He provided an injection of pace and urgency the second he came on. As well determination to penetrate the defence which was missing for large parts of the game. He looked a man on a mission.

Matip – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough to rate.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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