Liverpool 3-3 AC Milan 2005 | (3-2) Pens | Player Ratings

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Ross – @rossic89

There’s no football on but that doesn’t mean we can’t make content! This will hopefully be the first of many ‘Player Ratings’ articles. If you like the idea, let me know. If you have suggestions of games I could do, let me know.



LIVERPOOL HAVE JUST WON THEIR 5TH EUROPEAN CUP! And yes –  “This ones for keeps!”

A quote I’m sure we will hear many times over the coming years, an iconic moment. Against all the odds, we’ve fucking done it.

A shambolic first half. A lesson in football, a proper schooling from a world class side in AC Milan. It was a mauling, an exhibition an absolute shafting. That makes the win all the sweeter. You’ll look back on this in years to come – Crespo, Kaka, Shevchenko, Seedorf, Cafu v Traore, Kewell, Smicer, Baros and Finnan. A total mis-match. A mind-fuck.

This is what football is about; all the emotions, heroes and villans, David versus Goliath. A story which simply says NEVER GIVE UP.

Was it luck? Fate? Did Rafa do a deal with the Devil at half time? If he did I’m sure it will have no repercussions on future charges for the elusive Premier League title…none.

How do you explain what just happened? Did AC Milan switch off? Did they convince themselves it was done at half time? Rumour has it they were celebrating in the changies, maybe we will know more in the next few days. Maybe we will just be celebrating. I can’t even begin to imagine what the parade will look like.!

Gattuso touched it on the way out. You never touch a trophy that isn’t yours. Everybody knows this.

Let’s rate the wonderful bastards, shall we?

Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Dudek – 10

Channeled his inner Bruce Grobbelaar for the pens despite being miles off his line. How on fucking earth he makes that double save from Shevchenko who is 6 yards and 2 yards out is beyond me. A true hero. 

Traore – 7

Sloppy in possession and rash into challenges, one of which led to the first goal. Redeemed himself with an extraordinary goal line clearance in extra time! A true hero. 

Hyypia  – 7

Struggled to cope with the pace and power of Shevchenko, Crespo,Kaka and co. He needed much more support and protection in the first half. Dealt with any high balls into the box. A true hero. 

Carra – 10

This hard fucker pulled every muscle possible in his body to ensure Liverpool got over the line there. He was dominated in the first half but his elite mentality and never say die attitude will be appreciated around the globe. An icon for young centre backs growing up. Coz nobody wants to be a Gary Neville do they Carra? A true hero. 

Finnan – 6

This won’t be the last we hear of this man. An underrated player who I tip to go into punditry after his playing career. Always in for a tough game trying to deal with Maldini, Kaka And Crespo who found time and space down that side. A true hero. 

Riise – 8

The man who got the ball rolling for Liverpool. First cross blocked. Not a problem for John! Right into the fucking mixer for Gerrard to latch onto! Good movement and picked up the space where possible. Missed his pen but who gives a fuck. A true hero. 


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Alonso – 9

Balls of fucking steel. Might have missed his pen but did he give up? Did he fuck. Tucked it away beyond Dida to create what will be another iconic moment in Liverpool’s history. Jubilation, celebration. Forever a Liverpool legend. A true hero. 

Gerrard – 10


Captain Fantastic to the rescue again. Epitomises everything about this club, this City, our fans. His future at the club might be in doubt but he didn’t play like it! Gets the first goal, rallies the crowd and wins the pen for the third.

You lift that trophy you beautiful man. A true hero. 

Luis Garcia – 7

Found it difficult to get into the game. Milan controlled the midfield, the game, everything in the first half. A man integral on getting us to the final also made a goal line clearance in the first half which oddly kept us in the game. A true hero. 

Kewell – 5

A summary of his season so far and probably his Liverpool career. Not helped by the fact his replacement had a huge influence on the game. A sad sight for Harry. It’s frustrating to see. But not his fault. A true hero. 

Baros – 7

Up against Stam and Nesta. Two giants in world football. He didn’t stand a chance. Except he did. Dodged Smicer’s shot like some shit from the Matrix and teed up Stevie to win the pen. A true hero. 


Smicer – 8

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot….HE’S FUCKING SCORED!!!”

His last game for Liverpool and a night to remember. I’ll never get that celebration out of my head; the surprise, the shock, ecstasy. Where ever you go Vladi, You’ll Never Walk Alone. A true hero. 

Hamann – 9

Changed the game. He took control, he provided support to the back line and allowed Gerrard, Alonso and others to play their game. AND he took his pen with a fractured foot! A true hero. 

Cisse – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough to rate. Still though……..A true hero. 

Let me know your thoughts on the ratings and idea behind them by suggesting other games I could do.

Tweet me Ross – @rossic89

Oh and here are the highlights. Enjoy. Stay safe. YNWA. Ross



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