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Can we all take a second to be grateful for the return of Premier League football? It’s not that internationals have no entertainment value (I think), but when you watch a game which include two very composed and well rehearsed teams going neck to neck it brings out what makes football enjoyable to watch. And to watch the reds rollover an Arsenal team at Anfield (again), who themselves are experiencing a rare sense of form and confidence, was great to see. 

With a bouncing 4-0 win over the gunners, Liverpool Football Club bounced back from a defeat at West Ham to reaffirm their recently doubted position as title contenders. Arsenal, fielding a keeper on the back of 5 clean sheets this season and a recently called up England international who is in great goal scoring form, Arsenal proved to be a resolute match on paper for the men in red, but Smith-Rowe was silenced and their keeper let in 4.

In the first half we saw everything we could’ve wanted to see given our compounding injury woes, as well as having a league defeat linger with the players over the international break. The intent was there from both sides, but as soon as Mikel Arteta tried to have a pop at the ref for not booking Mane, Klopp told him where to go and it revved up Anfield from second straight into fifth gear and a wonderfully worked goal for Sadio Mane gave Liverpool the lead going into the break. 

The second half brought us the Liverpool side we’re using to seeing play Arsenal. Less tentative, more clinical. Defensively assured, attacking prowess. It’s fair to say no one had a bad game tonight; we saw how good we are when the midfield are always helping the full backs; we saw how persistence is key, by breaking down their defence slowly but when the cracks were exposed the floodgates opened. The last ten minutes turned our objective towards keeping possession and keeping Alison Becker’s 50th clean sheet in the Premier league. 

It’s fair to say Liverpool fans weren’t expectant of what we all witnessed tonight, however our home form against Arsenal should’ve told us otherwise. Now 69 goals at home to The Gunners in the premier league, Liverpool dominated the north Londoners to move up to second place in the table. In the words of Trent Alexander Arnold, “It’s exactly what we needed. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Here’s the player ratings for tonight’s game. 

Alisson Becker- 8

With only a disallowed goal to worry about in the first half, Alisson Becker kept his box clean and organised the defence as much as he could. But like emergency responders; when you need him, he’s there.

With the only non-offside attempt from Arsenal demanded the big beautiful bearded Brazilian actually do some work as he leapt to save a top bin effort from a rare Thomas Partey effort.

The only real threat of the game and even as the Ghanaian international had the audacity to nutmeg Fabinho, Alisson Becker receives his 50th Premier League clean sheet deservedly.

Trent Alexander-Arnold- 9

Showing signs of his natural talent and commitment to sparking Liverpool attacks, Trent Alexander-Arnold gave Liverpool supporters food for thought when considering his inevitable future bid to become captain.

His vision is undeniably precise (corner taken quickly) and his ambition to be a integral participant of Liverpools success keeps his world class title neatly polished. Linking up with Ox and Salah to confuse the Arsenal defence and create opportunities, Trent takes away 2 assists which totals 6 for this season, and 4 in a week!. Incredible stats for an incredible player. 

Joel Matip – 8

Is there anyone on earth cooler than Joel Matip? Im not sure. Probably the most underrated signing of Klopp’s tenure, not only cause he was a free, but because he can produces performances where he antagonises the opposing attackers with his coolness. Keeping high lines, taking the ball away into space and always providing cover for the full backs, Matip’s confidence and self assurance proves that klopp made the right choice in pairing him with the big man.

Virgil Van Dijk – 9

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. The number 4 was like a rubber wall this evening, bouncing away everything that came near him and moving in foosball like formation with his paired centre half.

The way these two play together establishes the confidence the players in front of them need to flourish. Being drawn out wide only once by Arsenal in an attempt to create extra space in the box, our colossus as usual recuperated possession after the Greek scouser up next stopped the cross from going any further.

Standard awesome Van Dijk performance tonight and deservedly led the team out tonight wearing the captains armband.

Kostas Tsimikas – 9

Who’s Andrew Robertson again? (Only kidding, love you Andy lad). But oh my days the Greek scouser himself continues to shine. The best thing about a great managerial style is that by making positions competitive themselves, it brings the best out of the players you’ve got.

Constantly giving the Arsenal defence a headache by bombing down the touch line and getting those dangerous balls in the box in true Robbo style, Tsimikas gets a man of the match nomination from myself, however there was one player who I think shone above the rest tonight.


Thiago Alcantara – 10 Man of the Match

Is it normal for footballers to make you feel things that other people can’t? Thiago Alcantara certainly did tonight.

Arguably Thiago’s best game in a Liverpool shirt, the Spaniard saw the majority of the play down his side of the field and hushed questions over Liverpool’s midfield lineup. Everything that came before him, he gave the defence a rest, picked it up and dragged the ball into a goal scoring opportunity. 

Without his finesse, his precision and his James Bond like demeanour to dance with  the ball on single blade of grass around Arsenals players, the defence wouldn’t have been supported in their times of need and the midfield creativity to move the ball forward might not have been there. Another prime example of a world class player.

Fabinho – 9

Liverpool aren’t playing with their strongest midfield if Fabinho isn’t in there. And everyone knows it. The way he sleuths into situations and just says ‘nah’ to any Arsenal attack that is in front of him, Fabs is a nightmare for midfielders trying to win long balls or dance around him and he proved that again today.

The rock at the centre of midfield, Fabinho wins a solid 9 for today’s effort as he rarely put a foot wrong and was often playing a crucial supporting role for the centre backs whenever Liverpool were pressing.



Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – 9

The usual suspect of many recent critics, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain mirrored his counterpart in Thiago by being that vital support for the full backs and builds with them for the likes of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane. He started with a bit of mis-hit passes and showed glimmers of his rash and sloppy side, he soon eased into the game and was a fundamental part of Liverpool’s build up play for every goal bar the last.

When you see a player like The Ox press with a ball, it naturally brings the game to life and leads by example in many ways with his bite and persistence. Always looking forward and demanding a win, he receives a 9 for a solid performance and gives reason to the view we are much better team overall with him in the squad. 


Mo Salah – 10

Pay the man, pay him now. As Mo Salah turned up to Anfield to do Mo Salah things, he was denied on multiple occasions by the magnetic gloves of Aaron Ramsdale. The Egyptian King deposited his 11th goal of the season in a game that seemed to be frustrating him at times even though we were winning comfortably.

This champion mentality that emanates from his performances is what makes his probability of scoring heighten dramatically. You just knew he was gonna do it m, and he did. Pay the man, pay him now.

Sadio Mane – 9

After receiving a few clips but staying on his feet to show that he’s not a diver, Mane learned to just go to the ground as being the better man wasn’t paying off for him. 

He was the centre of attention as he fell on Tomiyasu with his elbow and Mikel Arteta proceeded to naively spit his dummy out the pram. 

He flailed his arms around (like those American car dealership inflatable mascots) at the referee to call for a booking on Mane (which he eventually got – but for a different challenge). Klopp didn’t like that very much. Needless to say the two managers both received yellow cards, but more importantly this amplified the atmosphere which led to Mane’s opener. Drawing in challenges to allow us to move up the field and running rings like sonic the hedgehog around the Arsenal full backs, mane drives a goal through Ramsdale with his head from a naughty cross from Trent. Being at his best, and being another integral part of Liverpool’s success, Mane receives a 9. 

Diogo Jota – 9

Scoring the second goal, and proving again why having competitive positions in your starting XI is vital for success, Diogo Jota can also received acclaim and plaudits with his performance tonight. He was nearly there a few times in the first half, and  

playing Firmino’s role well by proving options for Arsenal to cover, he may have been going unnoticed at times but only cause we’re being amazed by our other players. A target man and always a confident choice for build up play, the Portuguese forward claimed his goal 7 minutes after the break by dancing around defenders and the goalkeeper. He celebrated with enormous pride and passion as Arsenals coffin now had two nails in it.  


Jordan Henderson -8

 Receiving the armband as he came on, our captain lead us over the line and delivered a resounding win. His first touch was a ball over the top into Mane and Salah, who find Trent out wide who zips it over for Taki Miniamino to slot in for Liverpool’s third open goal in a row.

The captain came on with Taki in the 76th minute after injury worries and his first contribution was his most important (as good as an assist in my opinion). He then lead the line in managing the sugar crash that was the final 10 minutes, but the clean sheet was kept and it’s mission accomplished for our captain today. 

Takumi Minamino – 8

First touch. Goal. What more do you want from your 4th choice centre forward? With Origi and Firmino out with illness and injury respectively, Taki made the bench and much like the competitive ethos in Liverpool football club, laid his cards on the table with a cool finish at the end of another fizzy Trent cross for his first league goal of the year.

Tyler Morton – n/a

A premier league debut for a bright 19 year old in the 84th minute was enough to wet his whistle and be on the field at the end of an emphatic 4-0 win at Arsenal. Even though he didn’t get involved much I’m sure he’ll never forget it and here’s to many more appearances in the future. 

Jurgen Klopp – 10

A perfect picking after a rocky international break which dwindled his choices, Jurgen Klopp can take all the bragging rights away from Arsenal, away from Arteta and away from anyone who doubted his side tonight. A typical Liverpool win under the lights at Anfield, with Allez Allez Allez and You’ll never walk alone to see the team out on a convincing win after a doubtful buildup. Now I’m off to laugh at the Mancs


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