Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona | Player Ratings

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We’re goin’ to Madrid.

4 fucking 0. Like what the actual fuck is that about. Huge performances all around. And some high scores.

Alisson – 10

Some big, big saves from Alisson. Game defining saves at that. The difference in having a world class goalkeeper. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Trent – 10

Two more assists. What else can you expect. Full of desire and determination. And how clever was the sneaky bastard for the winner. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Matip – 10

We always talk about the price of Robertson and others but this guy was FREE, fucking FREE!! Had Messi in his pocket. For both legs! He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Virgil – 10

Colossus. Lost for words here you know, genuinely struggling. Heads gone. All I know is I love this man, he’s a man mountain. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Robbo – 10

He was everywhere as usual. Until half time. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Fabinho – 10

Should never have been booked, but the lanky fucker was still brave in possession, still hungry for the ball and still kept Messi and Suarez quiet.  He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

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Hendo – 10

Captains performance from Hendo. Truly a warrior, a man possessed again. Fully deserved and I loved his post match reaction. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Milner – 10

Experience and calmness brought to the table, with a touch of shithousery! He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Shaqiri – 10

Got an assist and not the best besides that, passing was sloppy at best but honestly who gives a bloody fuck…..He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Origi – 10

BUILD THAT MAN A FUCKING STATUE RIGHT NOW! He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Mane – 10

Tenacious, hungry and a pain in the arse. My heads still gone. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.


Gini – 10

Coming on to score two goals. A man who literally never fucking scores, sending Liverpool to the final there. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Gomez – 10

Bit of composure near the end. Needed. He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Sturridge – 10

He’s goin’ to Madrid you know.

Lets give Jurgen Klopp a 10 as well. And the fans. And you for reading this.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!


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