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Ross – @rossic89

Well that was something wasn’t it?! We are about to win the league and we’ve just put in one of our best performances of the season against a bogey side. Superb goals, fluidity, confidence and a shafting of Crystal Palace. AND every sub played well too. Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Alisson – Was he even playing? Seriously, I don’t remember him touching the ball. How can I rate him. I mean, he’s beautiful. I could mark him on that, which would be 10. So let’s say that. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Trent – 9 Set the tone of the game with a tremendous free kick early doors and looked back to his best again bombing up and down the wing, linking up with Mo and others! Finding his passing range again too. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. van Dijk  – 8 8 might seem high, but I’m in a good mood and we are about to win the league. Could have had his feet up most of that game to be honest. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Gomez – 8 Same as van Dijk, good to get some minutes under his belt ahead of the City game and another clean sheet for Joe and big Virg. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Robbo – 8 Robbo back with a bang! Can see exactly why we missed him on Sunday. Such a good rapport with Mané down the left hand side and added to his long list of assists by teeing up Fabinho for a Thunder-Bastard. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Fabinho – 10 How can I give the beautiful long-legged Brazilian bastard any less?! Sublime football porn pass to assist Salah and then absolutely twatted one in to make it 3-0. Put out fires, put pressure on Palace and didn’t let them get out their own half. Perfect. Honestly, we’re going to win the league.


Gini – 8 Unlucky not to score a couple there! Got himself in the right positions, caused problems and played well in-between the lines! Did his share of the defensive duties, tracking back and relentless throughout! Even played LB for 5 mins! Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Hendo – 8 Relentless in the press, Hendo at his best too. Gave Palace no time on the ball and pinged a few nice balls about too, an 8 might be harsh to be honest! I could give everyone a 10! Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Salah – 9 Cute little run and finish for his goal and he could have had more! Not content with just a goal he also set up Mané for the 4th. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Bobby – 8 Some naughty touches from Bobby. Should come with an explicit warning. At the heart of everything we do; link up play, dragging CB’s out of position and just being a lovely, lovely man. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Mane – 8 Unpredictable, relentless, mesmerising a pure joy to watch. All summed up in his goal, wonderful counter and a cool, composed finish. Honestly, we’re going to win the league.
Subs Ox – 7 Bright spark when he came on and very unlucky not to score! Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Williams – 7 Palace had given up by the time he came on but fuck me I’d have screamed the house down if he scored that screamer. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Taki – 7 Looked like he carried on from Sunday, showing glimpses of what he is capable of and getting an understanding of his teammates. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Elliott – 6 Nice beard. Only played 6 mins. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Naby Lad – 6 Gutted he didn’t start to be honest. Honestly, we’re going to win the league. Ross – @rossic89
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