Liverpool 4-1 Cardiff City| Player Ratings

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Article by Lauren lack [email protected]_Black9

Warning – If you don’t agree with any of these, it’s ok. We all have opinions! Let me know yours below!

Alisson – 6 

Not much to do in that game. Could not have done much about the goal either.

Trent – 6.5

Was lively, kept getting forward which is what we like to see and almost scored too which would have topped his performance off.

Lovren – 6.5 

Was surprised to see him starting today over Gomez but the youngster obviously needed a rest. Nothing to really highlight about Dejan’s performance today but he did not put a foot wrong so no complaints here.


Captains perfromance from the big man. Got stuck in and won everything. Something you would expect from him.

Moreno -6 

It is hard to fill in for Andy Robertson at the minute so no surprise he didn’t stand out today. One thing that I noticed is that although he loves to get forward, he does not get in to the same positions that Robertson does which could have helped in the final third today.

Fabinho – 7.5 

Solid performance again and he has really cemented himself into this team and has given us something else in midfield. He also loves a good tackle which is boss.


Gini – 7

Usual performance from Gini and I have said recently that he is irreplaceable in that midfield. Few heavy touches today and lost the ball a couple of time but nothing to be concerned about.

Lallana – 6.5 

We have got to remember that he has been injured for a really long time so these last two games would have been difficult for him but overall I think he has done well on his return. Can pick the ball up from deep and drive at the defence and we all know he loves a good cruyff turn and he did plenty of them today.

Salah – 8

What goal drought? In his 66 appearances for Liverpool he has scored 51 goals and got 20 assists. Not bad from the Egyptian. I fully believe we are going to see the best of Salah now and it is nice to see him back firing.

Bobby- 6.5 

Was not his usual self today, lost the ball a few times and also had a few heavy touches. However he did do a no look nutmeg while on the floor so it’s not all bad.

Mane – 8 

Two goals for the winger today and he was really missed at Huddersfield last weekend. That first goal was scored out of pure frustration I think so he just had to smash it and then the second one was a lovely finish thanks to his pal Mo setting him up, but they don’t like each other do they.



Shaqiri – 7.5

Should have started the match today but came on and took the game by the scruff of the neck and got his well deserved goal.

Milner – 6.5

Thought he did well when he came on but nothing out of the ordinary for James Milner.

Give me your thoughts below.


Article by Lauren lack [email protected]_Black9

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