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Sound. Burnley were in truth, a bit shit. They had to foul Alisson to get a goal and didn’t really offer anything else. They can return to training and carry on head-butting tins of spam or whatever it is then do.

Liverpool weren’t as fluid as they were versus Watford but you know what, I’m not arsed. 3 points in the bag against a bit of a bogey side. For all the fume about Lallana starting I thought he was one of our best players.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!

Alisson – 7

Good to know that if you have to score against Alisson you have to fucking foul him. What a joke. Pickford literally spears someone and it’s not even a booking. Alisson gets booked because the ref didn’t see him give someone a piggy back.

Ah maybe not the second goal. Ah well.

Trent – 7

Quiet one for Trent and the back four really. The ball was constantly hoofed up by Burnley and it was pretty easy for them all to deal with.

Matip – 7

Not as good as he has been. Just reminds me of the waving inflatable tube guy to be honest. I’ve always criticised Matip for his physicality or lack of, but he showed at times recently and today he can put himself about. Missed his barnstorming runs through the midfield today.


Virgil – 8

Standard really. Bossed the back four, bossed the Burnley forwards. Calm as you like. I literally don’t know how many times I can praise this man and say something different. Such an aura about him.

Robbo – 7

Same as Trent really. Both bombed forward when necessary and both defended well. Difficult for them to play in decent balls in blustery conditions but we won anyway, who cares. He will score another one day!!

Fabinho – 7.5

Destroyer. Calm and calculated, even his foul. Looked decent in a packed midfield and with physical opposition.

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Gini – 7

Bit quiet today Gini, but as always he does the dirty work. I thought he looked goosed in the last game, even more so now. Terrific work rate regardless.

Lallana – 8

I won’t label everyone with the same brush but I don’t understand the “Lallana’s starting, we’ve lost” sentiments. Maybe Jurgen knows what he’s doing, maybe we have 73 points for a reason. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I appreciate those who had reservations about Adam, but to say we lost got on my tits. Again, I know it wasn’t everyone that said that.

Anyway, he was pretty decent wasn’t he?

Salah – 7.5

Not his best performance and he won’t get the plaudits. But look at the role he plays in two of the goals. Decent runs causing havoc. Fine by me.

Mane – 8

Just wow. That finish was sublime. One of his quieter games, given the conditions, dare I say it! Second on was made to look easy too. He’d just missed from about five yards so to be composed enough to round the keeper and slot him home was something.

Bobby – 8

Work rate, spot on. Positioning, spot on. Link up play, spot on. Two tap-ins, sound.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please be aware that these are just opinion, so don’t take them personally!

Ross – @rossic89

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