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Ross – @rossic89

Well. Where the fuck do you start with that?

Imagine it was a cracking game for the neutral but my head is all over the shop. Far from a convincing performance but Leeds gave it absolute beans there. Concerns about the defence and amount of mistakes, something to work on. But three points is all that matters and the reds showed their elite mentality once again by getting it over the line.

Up the fucking Premier League Champions.



Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 5

Can’t concede three goals and expect a decent score. Beaten at his near post for the first, unsighted for the third but fuck me, talk for the second. Anything, shout for it, throw your body at it, own your fucking box. Defence didn’t really help him tbf.

Trent – 5

Bit all over the show today, as were a few others. Gets turned inside out on the first and should really do better. Was nowhere near his best going forward either. Not a bad finish for his OG, fortunately it was offside.

van Dijk  – 7

Not sure how to mark him to be fair. At fault for one goal, scored up the other end and should have had another which I’m still not sure why that wasn’t given. Won’t be happy conceding three there.

Gomez – 5.5

Seen loads of comments saying he was shite. He was for parts. But most of the team were too. In fact, defensively we were shite today, not just Joe. Maybe his recent form comes into it. Hasn’t looked his best for a while.

Robbo – 6.5

Much like Trent Robbo struggled to get forward like he can during that game. Gets a few points for his assist for the van Dijk goal and he managed to gain some rhythm and grew into the game.

Gini – 6

Difficult one for Gini, it was such an end to end game for ninety minutes, possibly one of the most erratic games since THAT Norwich game. His strength came in use in the late stages to protect the ball. Sign the contract lad.



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Hendo – 6.5

In danger of repeating myself here but it was all a bit fucking mental wasn’t it? Hard to get a grip on the game, particularly in the middle of the park. Surprised he started but was pretty clear his energy and press was required in that game. Good to see him get minutes under his belt.

NABY LAD – 7.5

So happy he got the nod and started this game. Provided what we have come to expect from him; penetrating runs, devastating link up play and some one to take those risks going forward. Ran rings around Koch. Unsure as to why he came off tbh.

Mané – 7.5

How he hasn’t come out of this game with a goal is mad. But his movement, unpredictability and constant prodding of the opposition defence will always cause problems. Plus he will have just seen his mate Mo score three so he will be gagging to score next weekend.

Bobby – 7

OH BOBBY. How’s he spooned that inside the box! Luckily it will go relatively unnoticed because we won but he’s got to me more clinical at times for me. Other than that, gorgeous touches, neat link up play and one wonderful smile.

Salah – 10

The absolute pick of the bunch for me. Two well taken pens filled with a delicious thunder-bastard. Had about five bodies in front of him and he’s just gone ‘fuck this shit’ and lashed in the top corner. One season wonder my fucking arse. Well in Mo.



Fabinho – 6.5

Was only on half an hour but made a huge difference to the middle of the park. Provided calmness and stability AND won the pen that led to the winning goal. Shocked he didn’t start.

Jones – N/A

Again a nice little cameo for Jone. Wasn’t on long enough to rate really.

Matip – N/A

Was on for less than five minutes. Fucking sound.


Ross – @rossic89

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