Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea | Player Ratings

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Ross – @rossic89

HAHAHA! What a fucking mental game of football that was! Never worried. At all. Some terrific displays, screamers and Frank Lampard crying. What else could you possibly want from the game?! Defence was suspect at moments again which should be a concern but ultimately I could not give a shit. We are about to pick up the Premier League trophy. Enjoy it. Drink it in. Savour each and every second of this. ???? Remember, these ratings are just opinion. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below.  Alisson – 7 ???? Probably doesn’t deserve a 7 in all honesty. I know that, you know that. He conceded three goals. Not sure he was at fault for them and he did make a superb save just before the first one went it. Ah well. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Trent – 10 ???? Where the bloody fuck do I start with this lad. Somehow equalled his monumental assist record from last season with a peach of a ball for Bobby AND scores an absolute screamer to make it 2-0. Premier League CHAMPION ???? van Dijk  – 7 ???? Will be fuming to have conceded 3 goals and to see the back line in such a mess to far too many occasions. Not really arsed at this point to be honest. Most of the issues came when Chelsea changed their front three. Won’t have that every week. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Gomez – 6 ???? Not been great for a few weeks in all honesty. Picked up a booking, looked out of sorts and clattered Virgil for the third so they were both out of it. Again. Not arsed. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Robbo – 8 ???? Oh my word ANDY ROBBO!! Continuous lung busting runs by passing the Chelsea defence. Relentless as always and it payed off with him getting an assist for Ox. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Fabinho – 8 ???? Just a destroyer isn’t he? Linked up play nicely, put out fires and the lovely long-legged Brazilian we all love. Premier League CHAMPION ????




Gini – 8 ???? Gini on the scoresheet and doesn’t he deserve it! No way the ‘keeper was stopping that! Kepa would have fucking gone in with the ball. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his reaction. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Naby LAD – 10 ???? WOW. WOW. WOW. We will watch that goal back in years to come. Goal of the game for me. I think. He’s unpredictable, hard to deal with and carries the ball forward and takes risks that others don’t. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Salah – 7 ???? Could have done with his shooting boots again tonight. Doesn’t matter really. Won the league haven’t we? Oh and he got an assist. Looked fumin when he came off, so he should. Will be annoyed with himself more than anything. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Bobby – 9 ???? YESS!! BOBBY DID A FUCKING GOAL. AN ACTUAL GOAL AT ANFIELD. I LOVE HIM. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Mane – 9 ???? Poor lad was spent at the end because he gave EVERYTHING! A display akin to those in the first half of the season, the fella causing issues, dragging defenders out of position and creating for others. Premier League CHAMPION ????
Subs Milner – 6 ???? Sound. From T’Yorkshire in’t eh? Not much to say really.Premier League CHAMPION ???? Jones – 7 ???? Sound lad. Some nice touches, didn’t shy away from the task in front of him. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Ox – 9 ???? What a finish son! Wasn’t on that long but took his goal well! Premier League CHAMPION ???? Origi – N/A ???? Hardly played. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Taki LAD – N/A ???? Played less than ten mins. Premier League CHAMPION ???? Ross – @rossic89
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