Liverpool and Arsenal Are Facing a Marvellous Scenario in the Premier League

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The race for the title in the Premier League is undoubtedly getting more heated. By now, it’s pretty apparent that Manchester City has easier and better fixtures than Liverpool. Liverpool will have to face Manchester United, Tottenham, and Arsenal. Inevitably, some external factors like fixture congestion and injuries directly affect the performance of particular teams, making it better or worse for each of them.

However, both Arsenal and Liverpool will face a good scenario in the Premier League as they’re both going into the fixture. North London will find this information most relevant, as Arsenal has won the title of the Premier League five times, while Liverpool has won the title eight times. 

While waiting for the Arsenal vs. Liverpool match in the Premier League, most enthusiastic sports fans visit online casinos with minimal deposits to gamble with extremely low deposits. Other enthusiastic Premier League fans look for the best betting odds online and place their bets on the teams they expect to win. As both Liverpool and Arsenal have great forms, it’s rare to wait for two teams with winning runs to meet.    

Arsenal vs. Liverpool in the Premier League scenario   

The Premier League match between Arsenal and Liverpool will be the first time they meet with such great forms since the 4:4 draw match in 2009 at Anfield. Comparing the game from 2009 with this one now undoubtedly shows numerous similarities. 

Everything depends on Liverpool, in that, if they manage to play a draw this week in the match against the Gunners, they will also win at Etihad. The Reds, on the other hand, will hope that Arsenal won’t play their best game ever, like the one at Anfield back in 2009.

In 2009, the Reds scored no more than 27 goals for the whole league, approximately one goal per game, but 15% of them occurred in the match against Arsenal. Andrey Arshavin scored all four of them. Quite surprisingly, the second half of the game unraveled unexpectedly.

Torres scored a goal, and Liverpool, being just one point short of crossing Manchester United, desperately wanted to win the match. After Arshavin scored his fourth goal, the outcome was pretty much apparent, but Benayoun still had time to sore, leading Liverpool to a draw with United, with United ensign up with two games in their hands.

Clearly, the Reds were the ones that deserved to win. The metrics before this game predicted the expected goals, and the target count of the shots was 14, all in favor of Liverpool. This performance of Liverpool never again happened in such a notable way as that against Arsenal. 

As the game in 2009 made everything but much sense, we have to sit tight and wait to see the outcome of their next match in the Premier League. Will history repeat itself? We’ll just have to wait and see. If you ask the Reds, they wouldn’t want it to repeat. 

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