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The 2017/18 season has finished and for some it can be considered a somewhat successful season. Liverpool reached the top four for the second successive season thus qualifying for the Champions League. A slight tweak has been made in that we will not be required to play a qualifier like last season, instead we will progress straight into the group stages.

As well as the glorious Champions League ride and top four qualification there have arguably been several disappointments along the way. The domestic cup competitions seem a somewhat distant memory after being knocked out by Leicester and West Brom, something which we will surely look to improve on next season. We lost Phil Coutinho in dramatic circumstances, a large hole in the side which was inevitably filled Virgil van Dijk. Hole filled and defence improved big Virg put all our worries to bed.

As our followers are aware we rate players after each game in both video (Chris) and written (Ross) form. We are ever grateful to one of those followers, Srijith Sreenivasan who has kindly gathered the overall score and average ratings for each player this season (not including friendlies).

Whenever a player came off the bench which Chris didn’t rate in the video he gave them a 6 (average for football manager) unless they did something notable where he then went to Ross’ player ratings on the website. Also for players in the XI who were forgotten in the video, he also went to Ross’ player ratings as well.

The results are quite interesting.



(30)Robertson – 243 [8.10]

(52)Salah – 416.5 [8.01]

(54)Firmino – 425.5 [7.88]

(22)Van Dijk – 171.5 [7.80]

(44)Mane – 338.5 [7.69]

Some of those are pretty self explanatory, Robertson sticks out like a sore thumb, not because he’s shite but you’d think he would be behind the likes of Salah, Bobby and Mané at least. In his defence (no pun intended), he’s been pretty consistent. Might not bag all the goals like Mo Salah but he’s bloody consistent!


(20)Coutinho – 153 [7.65]

(47)Milner – 352.5 [7.50]

(1)Ward – 7.5 [7.50]

(33)Trent – 242.5  [7.35]

(33)Karius – 236.5 [7.17]

Two curve balls in this one. Firstly, Coutinho. He only played 20 games, in-between back injuries of course, but we’ve obviously rated him pretty highly in the games he did give a shit. Secondly, Danny Ward. He only played one game versus Leicester Carabao Cup annnnnnd that was it. Still, 7.5 is decent. Not sure our rating will be much comfort to him. Jimmy Milner should get more for drinking Ribena.


(27)Moreno – 190.5 [7.06]

(50)Wijnaldum – 352 [7.04]

(38)Can – 265.5 [6.99]

(41)Henderson – 285.5 [6.96]

(42)Oxlade-Chamberlain – 289.5 [6.89]

No real surprises in there for me, Moreno maybe but you have to admit besides his head falling off versus Sevilla, again, he was largely decent. Much improved from the previous season. Chambo could have potentially been higher had he not sustained the injury through Roma and had he not been used sporadically early on in the season, not his fault though, Jurgen was trying to ‘De-Arsenal- him.


(14)Ings – 96 [6.86]

(35)Matip – 237.5 [6.79]

(43)Lovren – 290  [6.74]

(22)Mignolet – 145.5  [6.61]

(31)Gomez – 202.5 [6.53]

Nothing of real note here, maybe a surprise Lovren is so low, he’s been pretty impressive in my opinion since his head fell off against Spurs.


(15)Lallana – 97 [6.47]

(27)Solanke – 173.5 [6.43]

(14)Sturridge – 88.5 [6.32]

(28)Klavan – 175.5 [6.27]

(2)Woodburn – 12.5 [6.25]

Hitting the low bracket now, Sturridge didn’t get that many minute under hit belt at Liverpool or at West Brom come to think of it.

(6)Grujic – 37 [6.17]

(4)Clyne – 24 [6.00]

(1)Origi – 5 [5.00]

(1)Flanagan – 5 [5.00]

And the final four. Not much to sat on this apart from I can’t believe Flanagan was rated that highly deserves less for hitting his missus.

Let us know your overall ratings for the squad this season! And a huge thanks once again to Srijith Sreenivasan @jithsreenivasan for gathering all the information! A true hero!


Article by Ross @rossic89

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